Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taj Mahal – one of the seven wonders of the world!!

Of days gone by...this March during my solo all India motorcycle journey

After spending a great 3 days at Corbett Tiger Reserve amidst its rich wildlife, I reached the bustling city of Agra and found myself a hotel that was close to the Taj Mahal.

The next day, I entered the premises of the Taj Mahal from the west gate. This was my second trip to the Taj Mahal. The first one was just over a decade back when I was in school. The memories of my first visit was very vague and I was eager to remove the cobwebs and more. The pathway from the west gate to the Taj Mahal ticket counter is surrounded by well maintained gardens, which is used by the citizens of Agra as a place to escape from the harsh sun. Such is the quality of the gardens. I came across rickshaw pullers, horse carts and battery operated cars that offered me rides to the main ticket counter, but I preferred to explore the pathway on foot. No polluting vehicles are allowed in the entire premises of the Taj Mahal. And when I arrived at the ticket counter I found that one can carry only minimal stuff into the premises and are given the option to store their belongings at government locker rooms close by.

Thus armed with my camera and my sunglasses, I got my entry tickets, hired a government guide and went in to begin my exploration of the Taj mahal. This mausoleum, considered as the finest example of Mughal Architecture is a fabulous piece of architecture and there are very few who would doubt its credentials of ‘one of the universally most admired masterpieces of world heritage’. This white marble beauty signifies true love. I was in complete awe and appreciation of this love mausoleum. After wearing a protective cover over my shoes, I stepped inside the main complex.

The tombs inside the main complex, the cenotaphs, the Jali screen surrounding the cenotaphs, the minarets, the marble dome, the exterior and interior decoration, the calligraphy, the abstract art, the garden, the flowerbeds, the raised marble water tank and the gateway to the Taj Mahal (Darwaza-i-rauza) all captured my imagination to such a degree that I guess I was transported to a different world for a short while.

I came plummeting back to the real world as soon as I set my sights on the dirty Yamuna river that flows behind the Taj mahal. I cringed at the sight and feel of the dark and reeking water. I seriously hope the state of the river is restored fast and fast enough to help us retain this global wonder and leave just one phrase on people’s mouths - ‘WAH!! Taj!!!’

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my solo all-india motorcycle journey


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