Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Street Photography from Raipur – The Capital of Chhattisgarh!

A sweltering hot summer day took me to the bustling streets of Raipur a couple of weeks back. Raipur is the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh in India.

It was interesting to note the atmosphere around me. And since the day was extremely hot, most of the atmosphere was tuned into escaping the heat.

This capital city has a very old-town feel and most of the baazars have small stores and movable ones too. The ones that caught my attention were the moving juice and ice-cream carts and the sunglass stores that were selling cheap sunglasses in all shapes, frames, colours and sizes.

The juice carts were selling everything from lemon juice to chuski (native Indian coloured ice powder) to chach (beaten up thin yoghurt) to lassi (beaten up thick yoghurt) to jal jeera (a cool digestive drink). And these carts were doing good business as all these drinks aids in cooling down the human body.

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  1. Interesting Images!! And the second one is really superb - Fate Note badle jate hai... excellent work.

  2. These pics are wonderful!

    That is a beautiful capture of the boy in the bottom pic. :) Is he mixing chach or lassi?

  3. Thank you "Amaris in Wonderland". The boy in the bottom pic is making chach.

  4. Thank you Shrikrishna Meena. Am happy that you could drop by. Do come by often.