Saturday, June 02, 2012

Snow Scenes from Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

The current sweltering summer heat makes me yearn for the cooler climes of the Himalayas. I am sure a lot of you might feel the same way. And as I was going through my photo library, I came across these wonderful snow-filled moments from Sela Pass.

The winding and snowy roads of Sela pass
Sela pass at 13,800 feet, is one of the Arunachal Pradesh’s high mountain passes that connects the Tawang district to the rest of the state. This pass is known for its atrocious weather and that is why there is a very high probability to see here.

Fresh snowfall
This pass, apart from being a high altitude military post is also a spiritual area for the Buddhists. The entire area with its high altitude lakes look magnificent when covered in snow. And that is precisely how it was when I was last there.

Snow snow everywhere
What would I do to get back to such snowy places in the Himalayas?

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