Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Active Couples

imageYou've just gotten married, but your fantasy event is far from over! Now it's time for the honeymoon! Maybe you and your spouse aren't ones to laze around on the beach…maybe you want adventure, and experiences that might put you outside of your comfort zone, or those that allow you to challenge yourself physically.

If you are looking for a trip full of unique experiences for you and the love of your life, there are so many travel options for you!

1. Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a small, budget-friendly country with plenty of activities for the active couple. Both the Caribbean (Puerto Viejo) and Pacific (the Nicoya Peninsula and Manuel Antonio) sides offer snorkeling, scuba diving and game fishing. If you're a hiker, the Poas and Arenal volcanoes are great mountains. You can also whitewater raft into the interior jungles along the Pacuare and Reventazon River and stay at primitive or "glamp"-orous camping sites among the monkeys and jaguars. At the end of your trip, there are great places either on the beach or in San José to wind-down too!

2. South Africa
South Africa provides plenty of adventure and romance for a couple. Watch lions and leopards at Kruger National Park while staying at a private five-star game lodge. Travel to the Drakensburg mountain range for activities like mountain biking, kayaking, mountaineering and more. Why not test your nerve by cage-diving with great white sharks near Capetown? By night, you can enjoy South Africa's breathtaking views and fine wines to toast your amazing day!

3. American West
Maybe traveling abroad isn't your thing (or simply not in your budget). The American West can offer many options including staying at all-inclusive guest ranches like Vista Verde Ranch. You can get beginning or advanced horseback riding lessons, go fly-fishing, hike, rock climb or kayak. Take advantage of America’s national parks like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite if you'd like to explore on your own.

4. Los Angeles
Not only does this city offer amazing food and entertainment, it is also a hot spot of physical activity. Los Angeles' "Muscle Beach" encourages visitors to get their workouts in while visiting the ocean. There are many opportunities to surf and participate in various other water sports, like jet-skiing and sailing. Famous yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors offer intro classes at their studios, making the city great for adventurous fitness buffs. If you happen to plan your honeymoon in the spring, it may fall over the weekend of the LA Marathon, which newlyweds may want to participate in together!

If you're adventurous but still can’t decide between all of the potential honeymoon destinations that we’ve laid out for you, check out websites like The Knot for further ideas!


  1. I spent my honeymoon at Peace Lodge in Costa Rica. The surrounding was stunning. The deluxe room was cozy and romantic in Peace Lodge. Booking all of our excursions through the Peace Lodge made our journey easy. I highly recommend you to visit the Poas Volcano and Doka Coffee plantation. These are some amazing locations to entertain you.

  2. Yup these are the nice places to visit for start new life in country of dreams where every arrangement is so different and perfect for this purpose. 

  3. These places look wonderful. I would love to go to them if I was ever given the chance to.

  4. Hi, after reading your post I must have to say that I have to come there for my honeymoon. Any way thanks for the showing the best place for the honeymoon.