Saturday, July 14, 2012

Connect to Newcastle

Newcastle has much to offer in terms of theatre, music, dance, comedy and art this summer, with the Connecting Light festival as one of the most notable.

As part of the London 2012 Festival – which runs for 12 weeks from 21st June until 9th September – Connecting Light is a major new art installation which will take place along the line of Hadrian’s Wall.

On Friday 31st August and Saturday 1st September art-lovers all over the world can use digital media like iPads and tablets to connect with each other and view the wall being lit up by LED lights, but those who would rather take part first-hand should book into one of Travelodge's hotels in Newcastle and enjoy the experience up close.

Using a series of tethered weather balloons which will be lit internally by LED lights, the installation will become a line of pulsating colors as messages are sent along the wall.

Designed by New York based digital arts collective YesYesNo with Zachary Lieberman, the aim is to understand the wall in a modern context and imagine it as a bridge rather than a barrier.

"Our concept is to create a digital platform by which messages can be communicated the entire length of the Wall…as a means of connecting rather than dividing,” says Zachary. “People will be able to interact at sites along the Wall as well as all over the world through the internet."

"Connecting Light will turn what was the Roman Empire's northern frontier into a contemporary communication system,” adds chief executive of Hadrian's Wall Heritage Linda Tuttiett. "We want to inspire a worldwide conversation of people’s thoughts…and…communicate the importance of the World Heritage Site".

Development work is currently underway in collaboration with Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, where Zachary Lieberman has been made a visiting professor.


  1. Excited to see this beautiful light installation. People forget how amazing lighting is and take it for granted so this is a great way to increase interest in energy conservation.

  2. Wow, this will be great. I think they are going to make a very very large LED lamp for this occasion.