Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Balinese Temple Procession: Travel Photos and a Travel Video

Balinese culture is very unique. It is an interesting mixture of Hinduism from India and traditional animism and beliefs from Bali. The end product is Balinese Hinduism, which tourists from all over the world come to see and understand. Their temples, their dressing style, their traditions, their beliefs are all close to Hinduism, but still seems different.

Beautiful Bali Girls at Sukowati, Bali, Indonesia
I got to see some of this interesting Balinese culture live at the street in front of Sukowati market in Central Bali. There was long temple procession that passed right through the center of Sukowati. Apparently, this was a temple procession that takes place once every 6 months and hence there were a lot of attendees. Balinese men, women and children were decked up in traditional attire and gear. There was music, glamour and aura.

Balinese men play music during a procession at Ubud, Indonesia
Apart from finding this procession interesting, I hardly understood anything about the culture. I tried checking with locals, but got nothing much except for the fact that it is held once every 6 months. I hope you get to understand something from these travel photos and this video that I took of the temple procession. Even if you don't understand much, I hope it helps you see a bit of Balinese traditional attire and culture.

Colourful dressed Balinese Women in a temple procession at Sukowati

Balinese Men at Ubud, Bali

Temple procession at Sukowati, Bali


  1. Yes, very colourful and vibrant indeed.

  2. they have very indian expressions as well, not just the indian culture