Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Smiling Taiwan: Feel it! Love it!

Smiling Taiwan. That is how it Taiwan likes to refer to itself. And as a tourist, you will feel it and start loving its people immediately. It’s green mountains, its lovely smiling people, its efficient road system, its busy and workhorse like capital, its beaches, its corals and many more. Taiwan is a land that is very special and deserves a lot of time.

Smiling Taiwan - A Great place to visit
A lot of people visit Taiwan only for Taipei 101. While Taipei 101 is spectacular, the night markets, the really devout people, the bullet train, the stinky tofu, the ability to get all kinds of food, some fantastic green tea, some amazing landscapes and more is what you should go to Taiwan for. The central mountains and the east coast is more less populated, while the north and the west coast is the more well populated and busy. And if you are looking to buy some phones or laptop spare parts, then you are in the right country.

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