Monday, July 22, 2013

Ima’s Vegetarian: Only Vegetarian Restaurant in Puerto Princesa

Being a vegetarian is tough life in the Philippines as beef and pork are so much a part of the local staple diet. True vegetarian food is so hard to come by. You can just about manage if you eat eggs. Else, you will have to end up eating at one of the more expensive restaurants who will have some basic vegetarian fare in their menu. Thankfully, when I was walking the streets of Puerto Princesa, I found this vegetarian restaurant called Ima’s Vegetarian. Initially, I was surprised that I found a vegetarian restaurant in Philippines, but when I entered inside I was very happy as there were banners of
‘Go Vegetarian’ and ‘Save Animals’ and all that.

This place is located on Fernandez street, which runs perpendicular to the Rizal Avenue and is located in the downtown area of Puerto Princesa. They are open every day from 11 AM to 9 PM, except for Friday (11 AM to 2 PM) and Saturday (6 PM to 10 PM). Their food is vegetarian with an European and Mexican twist. Their prime offerings are burgers, burritos and pizzas, but they also dish out some vegetarian foods with rice as the base. Their food is not extraordinary, but is simple and a savior for vegetarians in Puerto Princesa. Each dish should be about 100 to 200 PHP. Service is a bit slow when the restaurant is full. The place also comes with free wi-fi, so one can browse the internet while they wait for their food.

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