Friday, July 12, 2013

Travel Photo: Speed Chess from Manila

I had just gotten out of the Manila MRT train after an interesting rush hour experience where I had to push my way out. It was stifling and I was glad to be out of the crowd. As I made my way out of the Guadalupe MRT, I saw a mall and decided to see if I could get any dinner there. While I was searching for dinner, I saw this large group of people standing around people who were playing speed chess.

Speed Chess - a popular Filipino Indoor Sport
There were about 6 tables and each had two participants who were playing speed chess and timing their moves. I am not sure if it was a competition or it is a regular pastime. But, whatever it was, it was very interesting and the locals seemed to enjoy it as they seemed to crane their necks to see the latest moves.

Speed Chess being played at a mall near Gualalupe MRT Station, Manila
While some of them played speed chess where they had to check mate the other person within 3 minutes, some others played a sub 2 minute game where the player with the most coins on the board wins. I love playing chess, but play it the traditional way. Even though, I have never really indulged in playing speed chess, I really liked watching these Filipinos play. In spite of being hungry, I ended up watching them for a good 30 minutes. That is how interesting it was!

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