Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sizzling Cyprus

If you've got Cyprus holidays on your agenda this year, you'll already know that this is a sizzling destination with a cracking holiday climate. The summers are, indeed, scorching - with temperatures regularly reaching the 30s and above during the peak holiday season. In spring and autumn Cyprus holidays are often pleasant, and are generally warm without the scorching temperatures associated with the summer months. Even in the winter, there are warm and sunny days which are perfect for getting out and about to see the sights.

As for the sights, there are plenty of those to enjoy! There's the famous Aphrodite's Rock, which according to local legend is said to be the very place where the goddess herself stepped out of the ocean. There's the fabulous city of Nicosia, which is famous for its split personality - literally. It's a divided city, straddling the two halves of Cyprus - North and South. You can visit the southern part and even see the famous 'green line' which divides the two, and wander around the lovely churches, shops and cafes that adorn the city.

And of course if you're here for the beaches, you won't be disappointed. From Ayia Napa to Coral Bay, Cyprus holidays boast tons of beautiful beaches, many of which are made up of glorious golden sands and pristine shores. Take a look at a tour operator like Thomas Cook to find out more about the island's beautiful beaches, and to read up on the many different resorts and hotels available. Plus, when you choose a package holiday, you can expect to have all of your flights, accommodation and local resort transfers included in the cost of your holiday, which helps to make things that little bit easier.

So, when will you put sizzling Cyprus on your holiday wish-list?