Thursday, February 13, 2014

Room with the Twin Tower view

Silver lights on the twin towers during the night, an alarm clock on nearby Maxwell tower in the night and the beautiful high rises of downtown Kuala Lumpur by day and night. Now that is what I call a view and I was lucky enough to enjoy this for one day and one night while I was staying at Room 2707 in the Prince Hotel and Residence in the Bukit Bintang area of downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Room with a view at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
I slept to this view, woke up to this view, worked to this view and worked out to this view. This was a first time for me and I made utmost use of this view by keeping the drapes always open. Since this place is on the 27th floor, the view was even more appealing as I got to see an altogether different perspective of the twin towers. If you are visiting KL soon, I would definitely recommend this room and the room number is 2707!!

Courtesy: I stayed here while on a invite from Tourism Malaysia to attend the Chinese New Year Open house at Taiping on Feb 08, 2014.


  1. The view must be enchanting in the morning and in the evening. Although Malaysia is not my kind of a destination, I am still curious to know what's so special about it!

  2. What'so special about Malaysia or the view?

  3. About Malaysia! :) I know the view must be great!

  4. :-) For starters, there is Borneo and then many more things. You have to visit to feel the connection.