Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Royal Belum Rainforest Resort: Gateway to one of the oldest rainforests in the world

The Royal Belum rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world and along with Semangor national park, it offers a tract of forests that has some of the best nature in peninsular Malaysia. Situated in the Perak state of peninsular Malaysia and bordering Thailand, the only way to get to this rainforest is by boat from Pulau Banding and if you wish to enjoy this rainforest and the pristine nature around it, the Royal Belum Rainforest resort is one of the top accommodation options. I stayed here recently while I was on an invite from Tourism Malaysia. The below review is based on my recent experience of staying 2 days and 1 night here.

Room of Royal Belum Rainforest Resort tucked amidst beautiful greenery
1) The resort’s tagline is ‘gateway to nature’ and hence it comes as no surprise that its location is right in the middle of pristine forests and a man-made lake.

2) This rainforest resort is very luxurious with every room coming with a lake view and is surrounded by lots of greenery. They have multiple restaurants, spa centers, swimming pools and many more such luxuries.

3) The resort has their own boats to take their customers into the forests to see the wildlife, the Rafflesia flower, the aboriginals and other flora and fauna. They also help in arranging all the required park entry permits.

4) One of the specialties of this resort is that they own a large steam boat with rooms and a restaurant. I did not get a chance to get on top of this boat, but got to see it at close quarters.

5) The place is great for birders and for those who feel like a nature holiday. Seeing wildlife, stepping foot into the rainforest and seeing the aboriginals is an added bonus.

Royal Belum Rainforest resort - gateway to nature
6) The rooms come in various sizes and with a lot of luxurious amenities and good internet connectivity.

7) The only thing that can see improvement in this place is its food. For a place its standard, the food is very mediocre. I would give this place 5 stars if the food becomes very good.

8) The reception and all the other staff of this resort are very helpful and service oriented.

9) If you dig a more wild experience instead of a luxurious one, you can ask the resort to book you in one of the basic camps inside the rainforest. However, these camps function only for large groups as every facility needs to be arranged from the mainland.

Overall, a great place with a beautiful view that offers a gateway to pristine rainforest nature and sensational flora and fauna.