Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Photo on the Cover Page of a Book

In the past, my photographs were featured in newspapers, magazines and on websites. This is is the first time it has ended up being the cover page of a book. And hence this one is very special for me. The photo is of a sunset sky over the Mahanadi Bridge in Orissa. I took this picture during the summer of 2009. This book, 'Love - A Reason to Live', is a travel story of Ivan and Daphne who travel the globe while serving the needy. Samuel C Cowgill, the author of this book has portrayed their journey in this book through a story that shows how orphanage despair turns to family joy and give them a reason to live. On a quick flip through, it looks like a moving travel story.

My photo featured as the cover photo of a book

Cover photo acknowledgements in a book

I haven’t read this book as yet, but plan to read it at the first possible opportunity. If this interests you, do look it up either online or at your nearest bookstore. Happy reading!!

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