Monday, October 19, 2015

How would you surprise your fiance? #marhabasurprises

It is always heart warming to see brands go out of their way to bring joy to people’s lives. Recently, marhaba, a guest service based in Dubai ran a competition and selected 3 winners based on their personal stories and threw them a huge surprise at the Dubai airport. Each winner is from a different country and from a different walk of life. They were all pleasantly surprised when they landed at the Dubai airport. Watch how marhaba helped this fiance surprise her future husband through this short video below. 

This was Noreen surprising her fiancé Mark who lives in Egypt and who are about to marry in May. Both of them dentists from Europe, Noreen wanted to surprise Mark, who is the one who normally carries out the surprises. She asked if she can have a flash mob organized at the airport, but mainly wanted to be surrounded by her friends. And she requested for a saxophonist as her husband loves jazz. Mark is all smiles and full of surprise when marhaba lays out the red carpet and carries out the surprise.

Wouldn’t we love to be surprised by marhaba at the Dubai airport? Yes, but may be, we might have to wait for another competition of theirs! In case you are curious, marhaba offers airport meet and greet services in Dubai. They offer other services like Dubai sightseeing tours, baggage services, Airport Lounges, CityStop, Trade and Corporate Services and more.

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