Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Travel Photo: Off-Beat Langza Village of Spiti

The air is super thin here, but the views are super rich. Located at about 14,300 feet and surrounded by snow capped mountains, the Langza village came to be known after discovery of fossils here. It isn’t just about fossils here. For adventure lovers, this place is paradise. You are in nature that is as pristine as it gets, the world around you is as raw and wild as you can expect and you are in the company of toughened villagers who live amidst lots of history. This village located in the high mountains of the Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh is very much an off-beat trail.

Extremely scenic mountain village of Langza in Spiti, Western Himalayas

The best ways to explore this village is by bicycle and/or foot and the best season according to me is the autumn season when there is a good nip in the air and snow on the mountains. More about this village and other high altitude villages of Spiti in my next posts. Do stay tuned if you are interested in some of these highest villages of the world.

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