Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Essential Gadgets for Documenting Your Travels

Nothing beats the surreal feeling you get from exploring the world and experiencing its different cultures. No matter how amazing your travels have been, chances are certain important details about your travel memories will be forgotten, unless you have taken photos or videos to remember them by.

Documenting your travels through photography allows you to capture the invaluable feeling and memories you‘ve had and make them last a lifetime. Your photos can make for a great visual storytelling device through a travel blog, journal, or scrapbook.

Life of a travel photographer

Whatever it is that you fancy doing, here are five essential gadgets that can help you effectively document your travels:

1. DSLR camera

DSLR camera and the role it plays in travels

You can’t always rely on your photographic memory to reminisce your travel experiences; that’s why dslr cameras are very important for travelers. Research on the best DSLRs for travel photography and invest in a high-quality one for sharp and crisp images.

It would be a pity to shoot the Eiffel Tower with just your smartphone, even if you’ve got a high-end model. The picturesque tower deserves more than that! A DSLR will allow you to capture not just the glory of iconic landmarks but also the breath-taking landscapes and architecture, charming wildlife, and everything that catches your interest.

2. Tripod

Tripods are great accessories to travel photography

You can’t always get the perfect shot by just shooting with a handheld DSLR. You’re going to need the help of a tripod, especially when shooting skylines at night. Tripods can stabilize your camera and help you avoid blurry images.

3. Drone

Drone photography - the latest trend in travel photography

If you want to get a glimpse of the nature’s beauty that can only be seen from above, drones are the perfect gear to use. Control and capture stunning aerial views that only a drone can deliver.

A picture of the shore of a white-sand beach taken from the ground is not enough to show the rest of its beauty. Use your drone to capture the breath-taking view from a unique perspective. Inspire people to travel more by showing them what they’ll be missing if they don’t go out and travel.

Tip: Before you pack your drone, do your research on drone flying regulations in the place you’ll be visiting. Some cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai have restrictions when it comes to flying drones.

4. Selfie stick

Selfie stick - one of the most sought after photography accessories these days

Admit it—as much as you’d like to refrain from taking cheesy selfies, you’ll still be tempted to do it. A selfie stick can help you capture the best selfie ever! Whether you’re traveling alone or with someone, a selfie stick will always come in handy.

Stunning views aren’t the only ones that should be captured. Your priceless smiles should be documented as well. Take a selfie with the locals (ask their permission first), fellow travelers, and even animals. Your selfies will be a visual reminder of your fun memories in each place.

5. Action camera

Go Pro action camera - for the adventure traveler

DSLRs are great for travel photography, but you’ll need something else that can keep up with your thrill-seeking personality. An action camera is the best gadget for documenting your travel adventures.

Whether you’ll be swimming with whale sharks, go skydiving from the tallest tower, or go bungee jumping from the highest bridge, you can count on a sturdy and waterproof action camera to capture the best moments of your adrenaline-pumping activities. It can shoot even in cold weather, as long as you have the right protection for it.

It’s not everyday that you get to travel and gain experiences that’s different from the usual. By documenting your travels with the right gadgets, you’ll not only keep lasting memories but also get to share the beautiful stories that have made you a better traveler.

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