Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Don’t miss having this best thali meal in Aurangabad during your Ajanta Ellora trip

Must have Thali at Bhoj Thali restaurant, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

The cave temples and monasteries at Ajanta and Ellora are some of India’s best heritage wonders and they deserve to be in everyone’s travel bucket-list, that is if they are not already there. However, be ready to spend a lot of energy walking long distances, climbing stairs and ascending different view points in the sun. Is spending energy bad? Certainly not! But, then it gives you the perfect excuse to gorge on some delicious food.

While you are exploring the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, you cannot be bothered to have a proper meal as you need a walk a good amount in the sun. Hence, what works well is a light meal and lots of liquids. But, when you return to your accommodation in Aurangabad after your day trip, that is when you can look to recover all those lost calories by indulging in the best vegetarian thali meal in the whole of Aurangabad. And the perfect place to have such a great thali meal is Bhoj Thali restaurant, an iconic name in the Aurangabad dining circuit. Serving a mix of Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines, their colorful, tasty and rich thali takes you on a quick trip to culinary heaven. Their menu seems to change every day, but the number of items on your plate usually remain the same. My favorites in this thali meal are the sweet kadhi, jowar roti with jaggery and ghee, masala khichdi and the rich ghee dessert. These items and the entire meal are a perfect way to celebrate your day and prepare yourself for another action packed day in the sun climbing historic sites and gorgeous locations. A highly recommended meal during your Ajanta Ellora trip.

If the thali is a bit too heavy for you, you can try out these other iconic food joints of Aurangabad.

1) Gayatri Chaat bhandaar at Gulmandi for some delicious Halwayi foods like Kachori, Samosa, Aloo wada and Moong bhajiya.

2) Lucky juice centre at Paithangate for milk shakes, juices and faloodas, and

3) Tara paan centre at Usmanpura for one of Aurangabad’s famous paans

Location: There are 2 branches of Bhoj Thali restaurant. One is called Bhoj Thali restaurant and it is located near the Central bus stand in Samarth Nagar. The other branch is called Shahi Bhoj restaurant and it is located near CIDCO bus stand.

Price: INR 250 per thali plus taxes

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