Monday, March 23, 2020

What you should do if you have been in an accident with a truck

What do do when you have an accident with a truck

Any road accident is scary, but when it involves a truck, it is terrifying. Whether you are driving a truck yourself or you are in a car, the first steps you take after an accident are vital, and there is a lot to think about. You may need medical attention. And, if you weren’t at fault, then you will need to pursue legal action and fight for compensation; you should speak to a truck accident lawyer.

It is essential that you stay at the scene of the crash, phone the emergency services if needed, check for injuries, document evidence, exchange information, and are cautious about what you say.

Stay at the scene of the crash

Leaving the incident could constitute a hit and run. Therefore, stay where you are until either emergency services have arrived or a pick-up truck. If you need urgent medical attention, then you should try not to move too much. Either way, you should leave the vehicle where it is so that authorities can get a clear idea of what happened.

Call for help

If a truck was involved, then it is likely that you will need assistance from emergency services. Therefore, you should phone 9-9-9. Safety is your top priority. Often medical staff arrive with the police who will gather evidence.

Check for injuries

Often crashes involving trucks involve several other vehicles or pedestrians. They may need assistance first.

Gather evidence

Police will likely gather witness statements and take photos. However, if you are well enough and the police don’t arrive, then you will need to do this yourself. Get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. You will also need to take photos, including skid-marks and road signs - gather anything which may have contributed to the crash.

Keep all of the information you gather handy for pursuing legal action; this can often take months to be resolved. You can find a list of information you are looking for here.

Be mindful about what you say

Don’t make any statements regarding the accident. You may not think that you are admitting fault, but anything you say could be twisted. It can be an overwhelming situation, and your instinct could be to apologise. Stay calm and remain vague, have some time to reflect on what happened before speaking to the appropriate people.

Report it

As well as calling emergency services, you will need to speak to your insurance company. Your insurance company will also be able to advise you about what to do at the scene and the weeks leading afterwards.

If it wasn’t your fault and you are unable to use your car, you should fight for a hire car.

Speak to a doctor

Your health should be a top priority. Therefore, you should see a doctor after the incident and follow any advice that they have, which could include follow-up appointments. This will also help your legal case, as you will be able to prove how the crash has affected you.

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