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What Is Overlanding and Why You Should Try It

What is Overlanding and why you should try it

Overlanding is a way to explore the world flexibly, on your own agenda, and with limited restrictions. With the right equipment, overlanding is a guaranteed adventure to be shaped as you see fit. This alternative to the all-inclusive holiday entails exploring the open roads, starry skies, and complete autonomy in nature. Read on to find out more about overlanding and all the reasons why you should give it a go.

A More In-Depth Look at Overlanding

Generally speaking, an overlanding adventure is mainly journey focused. A transient destination rules the agenda, and the main purpose is to experience as much as possible, in as many places as is functional. There are two recognized types of overlanding:

Short Term

Overlanding in this frame is more for a weekend adventure. This is an interim experience and either serves as an overlanding fix to see you through until the next big adventure or as a way to build up to a longer journey.

Long Term

This is all about the long journey. Overlanding journeys from hardcore enthusiasts may last for months at a time and this is quite typical of the hobby. A higher level of preparation and hardy equipment is required for this category, as you need to be ready for anything out there in the wild.

The Equipment Requirements

There are various items that you need from the mode of transport to the smaller details. A big journey will naturally demand a bigger suitcase and in-depth planning, whereas for a weekend, it is easier to move more flexibly. Therefore, depending on the time frame of the adventure, the list will fluctuate.

Let’s explore the requirements in more detail.

The Transport Factors

Above all else, the mode of transport you are using has to be up to standard. As overlanding tends to be on rough terrain, there is basic maintenance beforehand that should be observed. For example, check and double check all the tires and maybe invest in off-roading style wheels for the vehicle. Always carry a spare (or maybe two) as uneven roads pose more risk for punctures and flats. A repair kit for any problems that may come along is also a good idea, as it will save you from having to abandon the process entirely.

A 4x4 type vehicle is one of the better options to successfully accommodate off-road style driving. Some short-term overlanding trips can be bicycle based, but these are usually for a night or two given the restrictions in carrying supplies. Regardless of your chosen transport mode, getting to know your vehicle before you set off is essential. Make sure you at least are familiar with how to fix basic mechanical issues that commonly occur and have a toolkit somewhere close by.

The Basic Supplies

Overlanding takes you away from stores, city lights, and home comforts. So, everything you take with you has to meet your needs for the entirety of the trip unless you deviate from the plan and head back to civilization. The following list is all helpful to make a trip successful.

· A first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic, pain medication, and gauze

· Food items for the duration that are unlikely to perish within the timeframe

· Water for cooking, washing, and drinking

· A cooking implement such as a gas stove

· Solar powered charging devices for emergencies and recreational purposes

· A means of communication with the outside world, in case of emergencies

· A strong torch (or two) plus spare batteries

· Blankets and pillows, and warm, protective layers

· Essential hygiene items

· A multi-tool (plus knife) and toolkit

· Something to protect from the elements like a roof top tent with a hard shell design

Why You Should Give it a Go

This is not an activity for the faint hearted. It is an adventure heavy, wilderness-focused exploration of nature and requires patience, savvy, hypervigilance, and logic. If you want fun, to see the world from a unique perspective, solitude, breath taking experiences, and are comfortable in small spaces under the stars, these are all great reasons to give it a go. Here are ten reasons to embark on an overlanding adventure.

1. To learn survival skills

2. To experience the world through a different viewpoint

3. To find new parts of nature

4. To sleep under the stars

5. To find true peace in solitude

6. To have time alone with your thoughts

7. To step away from the hustle and bustle

8. It is less expensive than paying for a hotel and flights

9. The adventure will be unique

10. You can experience the local culture from an alternate vantage point

Be prepared for adventure, new horizons, and newfound peace. Whether the GPS signal is strong or weak, the weather is kind or impeding, or you come face to face with predators, there will be a story to be told when you return home.

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