Sunday, October 17, 2010

Masila Falls – An Ideal Location for a Natural Shower in Kolli Hills

Masila Falls is your medium sized tiered waterfall that is set amidst the dense green forests of the Eastern Ghats in Kolli Hills. It is an ideal location for the holidaying family and one of Kolli Hills’ pretty spots.

Kolli Hills is a lesser known hill station situated in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, India. It offers a relaxed hill station experience without the noise, crowd and bustle of other hill stations.

During my earlier visits, I used to trek through the forests to reach this waterfall, but now, a concrete pathway has been built right up to the waterfall along with some iron bars for support at the waterfall for bathing.

There is also a makeshift parking spot for the benefit of the tourists. A local association charges ten rupees per head as entry charges. This waterfall is about 7-8 kms from the Nallathambi Resort and is on a slightly different path than the Arapaleeswarar Temple. The waterfall is open from 7 AM through 5 PM every day.

Last weekend when me and my friends were here, the Masila Falls had enough water in it to tempt us for taking a natural shower. And since the weather was also pleasant, most of us got under the delightful waters of the Masila Falls.

The water wasn’t cold and the force was enough to soothe our limbs that were tired and stiff from the long motorcycle from Bangalore. The shower was so liberating that we wanted to stay under the waterfall forever, but we somehow forced ourselves out of the water as it was getting dark.

Since decent infrastructure has been provided, this waterfall is ideal for the holidaying family and even kids and according to me forms the ideal location in Kolli Hills for a natural shower.


  1. A nice place!! Looks like it is not crowded.
    Does it contain water during November/December?

  2. Yes, it hardly gets any crowd even during weekends.

    I am sure it contains water during nov/dec as it will be the NE monsoons and Kolli hills gets a lot of rain from the NE monsoons.

  3. I had exactly the same query as Aravind!! it looks so wonderful in your pics, but I wondered if it would get crowded, thanks to all those amenities u mentioned!!

  4. Well, it is a matter of time before it gets crowded. Right now it isn't and there are hardly any infrastructure except for a concrete pathway and iron rails for support. But, I guess that is good enough for us local tourists.