Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pepper Climbers from Kolli Hills in the Eastern Ghats of India

The weather, elevation and soil content of Kolli Hills is ideal for pepper cultivation and hence if you are holidaying in Kolli Hills, you are definite to lock your sights on some winding pepper climbers and their bright green seeds.

Pepper is one of the more popular cash crops here. In fact, there are plantations where pepper is grown as their main crop.

While I personally saw pepper seeds and climbers at many places in Kolli Hills, I took these pictures at the Nallathambi resort where I was staying.
It was just before sunset and the golden glow that fell on the pepper seeds gave it a very appealing look. And it was this appeal that brought me close to them.

When I got closer to them, I could smell a strong odour as these pepper seeds were nearly ripe. And when I got curious, I tasted a couple of these green seeds. On first bite, they tasted like a green vegetable, but within seconds, the strong acrid taste of pepper hit my taste buds and nostrils.

But, it was a very pleasant experience for my senses as personally I am a big fan of Indian spices and the sharpness that they add to our cuisine. So if you plan to visit Kolli Hills, do remember to taste the green pepper seeds that make this place famous.


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