Thursday, July 19, 2012

Early Morning View of the Manimuthar Hills

The Manimuthar region of the Western Ghats, the Manimuthar river and the Manimuthar dam are a huge draw in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. If one is headed in this direction, one can also see the tea estates of Manjolai, the scenic beauty of Kudrevetti, the Upper Kodayar Dam and the Kalakad Mundanthurai tiger reserve in whole.

First rays of the sun on the palm trees with the Manimuthar hills in the background
All these places are great tourist spots in their own right, but if one is headed to these places from Kallidaikurichi, the simple beauty forms are typically missed. It was such a warm sight that I saw when I stopped one early morning at a gas station that is bang opposite the road that leads onto Manimuthar.

Early morning sun's golden rays
The golden rays of the sun were casting a nice soft glow on the Asian Palmyra palm trees that stood in the foreground while the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats or the Manimuthar hills rose in the background. It was a beautiful sunrise view. But, a lot of us travellers miss such pristine moments in search of the ultimate destination!


  1. lovely pic!! been wanting to go to tirunelveli since long... have never been there yet :(

  2. Beautiful place. Nice captures. Been to kodayar a couple of years back. Its an unexplored beauty.

  3. Beautiful pictures with interesting write up...