Sunday, July 22, 2012

Evening Skyscapes over the Thamarabarani River at Kallidaikurichi

Every monsoon, I go to my hometown, Kallidaikurichi, which is a small town situated at the foot of the western ghats in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. And when I am there, I end up visiting all the waterfalls around it, which are usually in full flow. Typically, a monsoon visit would mean taking a bath under each waterfall (Manimuthar, New and Old Courtrallam, Agastyar, Vana Theertham and Five Falls) after a good oil massage, followed by a sumptuous meal and divine sleep on the swing (unjal in Tamil) in my grandmother’s house.

Setting sun adorns the Kallidaikurichi skyline over the Thamarabarani river
In fact, this is like tradition to me. But, this year, the rain gods forced me to break my tradition. As no rains meant no water in the waterfall. Thus when I was there a couple of weeks back, I had to resort to other pastimes. And that is when I decided that I would spend an evening sitting on the banks of the Thamarabarani river that flows a kilometer behind my grandmother’s house.

Golden yellow skyline at Kallidaikurichi
The pictures in this post are of the Thamarabarani river against the Western Ghats in the background, the mountain range as seen from the Kallidaikurichi town as I was walking from my grandmother’s house to the river and the skyscapes that I saw around sunset time.

Vibrant skyline over Kallidaikurichi's Thamarabarani
And all this was possible because of the lack of rains. Else, there would have been no blue visible in the sky and I would have not got to see such beautiful skyscapes.

Western ghats in the background from the Thamarabarani's bank at Kallidaikurichi Kallidaikurichi skyline over the Thamarabarani at sunset Kallidaikurichi skyline over the Thamarabarni river Sunset at Kallidaikurichi with the Western Ghats in the background


  1. Aparna ThyagarajanJuly 22, 2012 at 11:28 PM


  2. lucky you!!! these are beautiful!!!  as someone who has no ancestral roots to speak of, i can only envy you your grandmothers house in such a beautiful place!

  3. Brilliant shots of the sky. Would love to visit such places.

  4. Thank you Niranjan! I will let you know when I am headed there next!

  5. Thanks Anu! Let me know when you are headed to this side of the country next and I would be happy to be your host!