Monday, July 30, 2012

Hill Temple (Malai Kovil) at Seevalaperi Village

South India is synonymous with temples and even more so the state of Tamil Nadu. This state has more temples than bus stops. And that too very remote and ancient temples.

Hill temple (malai kovil) at Seevalaperi Village
There are a lot such temples in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Many such temples in its small villages host the family deity of a lot of us who hail from Tamil Nadu. Even my family deity exists in one of the temples here. One such village is the Seevalaperi village that is situated on the banks of the Thamarabarani river.

Setting skyline at Seevalaperi village, Tirunelveli district
This village is known for its 2 temples, one belonging to Lord Shiva that is located on the ground, while the other more famous one is located on the top of a hill and is called ‘Malai Kovil’ or hill temple. A short climb to the top of the temple ensures that you get a brilliant view of the Thamarabarani river and all the villages around.


  1. Looks like a nice place for a day outing. Have you been to Parvathamalai near Thiruvannamalai

  2. Day trip? Tirunelveli is a good 700 kms from Bangalore.

    And no, I haven't been to Parvathamalai yet.

  3. I meant a day trip around that place... climb up the hill and visit other near by places... 

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