Friday, June 21, 2013

Thalasso Bali Spa: Get ready to be pampered!

A holiday always comes after a stressful time at work. And even when you are traveling continuously like me, once a while you need to sit back and relax coz even consistent travel can be stressful. And what better way to relax than in a spa on an exotic island. This is exactly what I did when I took a Balinese massage at the Thalasso Bali Spa in Indonesia’s South Bali.

Note: This video is the copyright of Thalasso Bali Spa and Grand Mirage Resort.

This spa situated in the middle of the Grand Mirage Resort on Tanjung Benoa beach offers many options that include spa packages, therapy, hydrotherapy, body massages treatment, body exfoliation treatment, body wrap treatment and many beauty range treatments. Since, my sore muscles needed some relaxation after carrying a backpack on its shoulders for many months, I opted for the traditional 60 minute Balinese massage program. As part of this massage program, one can choose from the many different styled rooms inside the spa or take the massage on the beach. I could also choose my oils for the massage. They ranged from interesting flavors to muscle relaxant oils to oils that help in reducing cellulite. I opted for the muscle relaxant oils.

The Aquamedic Swimming Pool of Thalasso Bali Spa
Thalasso Bali and its French trained therapists ensured I was properly rejuvenated after my massage. Even though, I was keen on a full body Balinese style massage, I was interested in trying their aqua medic pool with 100% heated water and seaweed. I have tried many different types of massages and spa treatments, but have never tried this. May be, I will try it the next time I visit Bali. The prices of the various massages and spa treatments can be checked online on their website. They also run special offers from time to time that you can leverage while opting for their program. I just wish I could have been pampered for a longer time at the Thalasso Bali Spa.

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