Saturday, June 22, 2013

Travel Photo: Cute Damper Baby of Taipei 101

For a structural engineer, it is one of the largest dampers in the world. For a marketing mind, it is his brand ambassador. For a regular tourist, it is a super cute damper baby. Whoever the spectator is, the damper baby never has paucity of admirers. Or may be, Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world have done a good job with it.

Damper Baby at Taipei 101
For those who are interested in this damper baby, it is one of the largest structural dampers of its kind in the world and it’s primary function is to absorb the stress that a high rise building like Taipei 101 gets due to heavy winds. So basically, it protects Taipei 101 and the people working in the building at all times. It is also Taipei 101’s brand ambassador and has been promoted as a cute being with 2 legs and 2 hands just like a human baby.

The Mascot of Taipei 101
The idea was a huge success and lots of visitors not only like the damper baby, but are also curious about it in its true form. This damper baby can be seen in 5 vivid colors of red, yellow, green, grey and black. Each color has a noble theme and are fiercely popular both with domestic as well as international tourists. Damper baby memorabilia are one of the more sold gift items.

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