Saturday, April 12, 2014

Travel Photo: Singapore’s Sultan Mosque

Singapore is synonymous with employment opportunities, a successful economy, its fines, its food culture and its man made wonders. But, within all of this, there is a vibrant secular twist to it that you can feel when you explore its different quarters. The two more popular quarters are Chinatown and Little India, but personally, I like the Arab quarter too. The Arab street with the Sultan Mosque, the various Mediterranean restaurants, the Turkish carpets and the Sulaimani tea packs quite a punch.

Sultan's Mosque next to Arab Street, Singapore 
When you step into Little India, you feel like you are stepping into a smaller version of Chennai’s Ranganathan Street. When you step in into Chinatown, you feel like you are in the Mongkok area of Hong Kong. But, the Arab quarter has a mixed feel due to a combination of cultures from everywhere in the Middle East and also from Malaysia and Indonesia. This makes it much more interesting as you can sample a potpourri of cultures in a much smaller area. Check this place out the next time you are in Singapore.

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