Friday, April 11, 2014

Travel Photo: Penang’s Chinese Connection

Penang is one of Malaysia’s top hot spots. A lot of people visit this island city for its great food and its culture. It has a UNESCO world heritage site in Georgetown and has an interesting potpourri of cultures in Hinduism (Little India), Buddhism (Chinatown) and Islam (rest of Penang). This secular environment allows the tourist to sample different cultures, religions, foods and architecture in a very short radius.

At a Chinese temple in Georgetown, Malaysia
It was one such exploration when I came across this very colorful Chinese Buddhist temple within the UNESCO World Heritage site area. My sister and my brother in law are happy models in the background of my photo. Thank you guys! If culture, food and a secular environment is your thing, then head straight to Penang and indulge in the color and smells of Little India, the night markets of Chinatown and the rich markets and architecture of the other part of Malaysia.

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