Thursday, April 10, 2014

Travel Photo: Trishaws of Macau

Macau is associated with money, luxury and gambling. And to a lesser extent, its rich Portuguese culture. However, within all of this and something that you don’t normally associate with a casino destination are the Trishaws of Macau. This archaic mode of transport can be seen standing in front of the casinos and five star hotels in resplendent yellow colours.

The Tricyclos of Macau
Each of these trishaws have a menu at their disposal that tourists can refer to see which area of Macau they want to explore. To give you an idea of the menu, it has packages to the strip clubs of Macau, the happening night clubs, the busy casinos, the historic sites and much more. These trishaws or tricyclos are ideal for those who wish to explore this vibrant city at leisure and then step into the happening nightlife spots of this casino city.

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