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Fiji Island Hopping: 6 Best Places You Shouldn’t Miss

Pristine nature is an integral part of Fiji Island Hopping Holiday

Boasting 333 islands, Fiji is an ideal destination for island hopping, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you’ll remember for a long time. It’s filled with surprises and treasures hidden among islands and lagoons. While on a getaway here, you’ll get to make numerous stops on breathtaking islands and islets located throughout the Pacific Ocean. Every island is unique and worth exploring, but which islands should you visit if you have limited time?

Here's a guide to creating your own Fiji island-hopping trip. Check out the country’s most beautiful islands and find out why you should visit them:

1. Plantation Island Resort

The Plantation Island Resort is located on Malolo Lailai, about 20 kilometers from Viti Levu. It's easy to get there. One option is to schedule a trip on the Malolo Cat, a fancy catamaran service that runs between the island and Port Denarau. With plebeian modes, you can arrange a private water taxi. No need to worry about ferry schedules since you’ll find a lot. There is also a chopper service that flies between the airport and the island's airstrip. Checking in and getting set for a Fijian vacation is quick and easy.

Plantation Island Resort offers both hotel-style rooms and native Fijian bures. From the two ‘Bedroom Garden Bure’ to the ‘Beachfront Bure,’ the resort has something for everyone.

Moreover, the place features three pools, culture and artisan exhibitions, a golf course, a beauty salon, and a kids’ club. It even provides complimentary snorkelling, wind surfing, hand fishing, and kayaking. Diverse activities include scuba diving and village touring, which are available for a modest price.

2. Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands are an archipelago of over 20 volcanic islands spread across 135 square kilometres. These islands are relatively uninhabited, so the extra time spent getting there will be well worth it.

You’ll enjoy unwinding at the beaches and seeing rugged volcanic peaks here. Climb to the top of Wayalailai or Kuata Island Resort to witness the sunrise.

From Nadi, Fiji's primary transit hub, the islands are easily accessible. You can reach them by seaplane from the hub. It's a short flight with great Pacific Ocean views. However, if you’re on a budget, a seaplane may not be an option. For an alternative option, you can head to Denarau Port.

3. Viti Levu

You won’t want to miss Viti Levu too while arranging your Fiji trip. The Nadi International Airport is the place where all international travelers arrive.

You can easily travel to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a vibrant botanic garden. You can also explore nearby mud baths and a national park in Nadi, which has a few sights and an amazing multicultural atmosphere. If you love going on adventures, Pacific Harbour is the place to be. You might want to try diving, whitewater rafting, or zip-lining through a rain forest.

The Fijian capital Suva is located on Viti Levu, but few tourists visit it despite the excellent museums and unspoiled countryside nearby.

4. Taveuni Island

Taveuni, Fiji's Garden Island, is rugged and immaculate. It’s 7 kilometers off the south east coast of Vanua Levu, 42 kilometers long, and 12 kilometers wide.

It’s a lovely tropical island full of tropical flowers. Much of the place is covered in beautiful rain forest, with the Bouma National Heritage Park protecting roughly 80% of it. Many indigenous species are found at Bouma National Heritage Park.

Moreover, Taveuni holds a rich natural history, especially its abundance in birds. It was never introduced to the mongoose, thus, many birds that have perished on the main islands still survive here.

Taveuni's proud warriors exude confidence, and they’re known as some of Fiji's friendliest people. Furthermore, the island is home to world-class diving, dozens if not hundreds of waterfalls, and a plethora of native plants and animals.

5. Yanggeta Island

Yanggeta is about halfway up the Yasawa Islands, near Nanuya Lailai. Because the island only offers one boutique luxury resort, it has fewer tourists than other islands.

Yanggeta, the island's largest village, has around 500 people. White-sand beaches and world-class coral reefs surround the island. One of the world's most spectacular coral reefs is just a 10-minute boat ride away. However, fishing is restricted off Yanggeta Island's east coast due to a marine reserve.

While here, you’ll discover a vibrant reef, a large fish population, and sea turtles. These wonderful sights are Yasawa Islands' best-kept secrets and are a must-see during an island-hopping tour in Fiji.

6. Kadavu Island

Fiji is a relaxed island holiday destination

The pristine Kadavu Island is notable for the world's fourth largest barrier reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Located 100 kilometers south of Viti Levu, it’s one of the world's rare spots where you can marvel at breathtaking natural beauty on the land and in the sea. It has volcanic peaks and extensive tracts of natural rainforest covering its core. The Kadavu musk parrot, red dazzling parrot, and velvet dove live in these forests.

Kayaking adventures with a guide are a terrific opportunity to see the coastline and learn about Fijian culture.


Island hopping is a popular activity to do in Fiji, a destination that will captivate you with its natural wonders and hidden gems. Discovering all these beautiful islands will be an unforgettable and magical experience that will make you want to come back.

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