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Friday, November 20, 2015

An Exciting New Way For You To Travel Big On A Small Budget

When I was growing up, my family hardly ever went on vacation. We took national trips once every couple of years. But before I left home, I’d never been abroad.

As soon as I started making my own money, I decided that that would change. I went away as often as I could, touring fantastic destinations I had always wanted to visit. And then, as my responsibilities grew, I began to understand why organizing trips was so hard for my parents.

Nonetheless, I have continued to travel, mostly by finding deals on cheap hotel rooms and using budget airlines. It sometimes gets uncomfortable, but I can never ignore the travel bug.

While looking for discounts for my last trip, I found a website called Roomer, whose clever concept is very exciting.

Taking advantage of the industry

Roomer bases its service on a simple premise. Hotel cancellations are inevitable, and they're bad for everyone. They happen so often, that they impact the entire travel industry. As many as 220,000 hotel rooms are cancelled every day - and that’s in the US alone!

This is why most hotels have frustrating “no refund” policies. But even though they don’t give refunds, they still lose out.

A large proportion of a hotel’s revenue comes from the money that patrons spend when they're already there. Food, drinks, entertainment, and service, are all factored into their gross income. When the patrons don’t come, that revenue is lost.

Roomer takes advantage of this fact, to make remarkable deals a reality.

A hotel-marketplace for cancelled rooms

When searching for hotel room deals, I came across Roomer’s hotel-marketplace. They had some crazy discounts there, on rooms of a very high quality. There were price cuts on reservations from 50% to 85%. Some of the highest cuts were on 5 star hotel rooms.

It works on the above premise. Since hotel bookings are non-refundable, people who have to cancel might as well try and offload their bookings, even if they have to take a huge cut. Roomer provides the platform to sell these bookings to bargain-hunters.

They post these reservations on their website, allowing potential buyers to search or browse for their ideal hotel room.

Avoid the logistics nightmare

Roomer is good for the travel industry because hotels want to be filled up. This makes the logistics possible. You may know how difficult it is to change the name on a reservation. With Roomer, that’s not something you have to worry about. They get in touch with the hotel, and organize everything - to the seller’s, buyer’s, and the hotel’s benefit.

If you're worried about sharing your credit card details with a stranger, you can rest easy knowing that all payment is done through Roomer’s secure system. You won’t ever give your details to the seller, or even know who they are.

And, if you ever need to, they're easy to contact. Any problems you may have are dealt with promptly. They're not scared to take on responsibility, and won’t fob it off on you.

Exclusive hotel deals

When you search for hotel rooms on Roomer, you'll find a range of options in almost any locations. This is partially due to Roomer’s mutually beneficial partnership with hotels around the world.

Since hotels want Roomer to succeed, they provide exclusive deals even on hotel rooms that have not yet been reserved. Therefore, you can use Roomer as a super-cheap bookings site if there are no cancellations at your destination.

The great deals, the ease of access, and the great customer service have contributed to Roomer’s rise in popularity. They're growing such a big fan-base that they were named one of USA Today’s top 3 travel websites/apps.

My dream destinations are now readily available
It’s a lot easier for me to travel now than it ever was for my parents. I can find great deals all around the world, and the opportunities are endless.

Roomer provides a really exciting way to travel. It’s definitely worth it, and will be over and over again.

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