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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Ways to Explore Paris like a Local

Paris is a HOT destination in the tourist circles. This city of light and one of the most romantic cities attracts more visitors than any other location in the world. While most tourists go for the usual hotspots of Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur church and bargain shopping for luxury designer labels, I prefer to step out of the tourist track and enjoy Paris like a local. This allows me to stay away from the maddening crowds (especially during the peak summer months), while experiencing the real Paris vibe….It is this vibe that will make you fall in love with this city and make you want to return real soon.

Enjoy Good Long Brunches

A Parisian Brunch with cheese, jams and delicious bread - a vegetarians delight

The umpteen French courses hold cult status in the food circles. The French really enjoy their food and why should they not. With rich cheeses, lip smacking croissants and bread, mouth watering desserts, amazing wines and a spectacular array of main courses, I can just visit Paris for its food. While Paris is home to the most number of Michelin restaurants after Tokyo, I make do with the many non-Michelin cafes, restaurants and brunch joints spread all over the city. Michelin or no Michelin, Paris dishes out some fantastic food that is bound to appease people of all palates and tastes.

Walk Walk Walk

The locks of lovers and Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Do you know how the French maintain their toned bodies in spite of loving their cheese and wine? Well, the reason is that they maintain a very active lifestyle and that mainly includes a lot of walking. If you want to experience Paris like a local, you have to walk. You can do a museum trail, a church trail, a walk by the river Seine or simply walk in the old city area. And this way, you not only get to see the sights of the city, but you also get to feel the lively energy of the city while burning off the desserts, cheese and wine that you have been indulging in.

Morning Coffee and Street Watching

Chairs of coffee shops in Paris face the street

Paris is one of those cities where cafes have their chairs facing the street. I absolutely love this concept as it allows to me watch the people of the city whiz past me while I am enjoying my cup of hot coffee in the morning. This is also one of those quick ways to get a sense of the latest fashion.

The Sweet Tooth - Macarons, Biscuits and Chocolates

Iconic Macarons from Pierre Herme, Paris

People with a sweet tooth, chocolate lovers and candy lovers will love Paris. Right from the iconic macaroon of Pierre Hermes to the biscuits and chocolates of La Cure Gourmande, deliciousness is never too far away in Paris. When in Paris, these are my trail mixers, energy bars and mood lifters. Do make sure you have some in your bag while you go on your walk across the sights of the city.

Relax in the Lush Green Parks

Chilling out in one of the many parks in Paris, France

If you are lucky to find a bright sunny day in Paris, do make sure that you take a book and head to the one of the many beautiful parks of the city. You could simply bathe in the sun while reading your book or do some people photography as the parks of Paris do see a lot of action on bright sunny days.

Become a part of the Rich Street Action

Colorful Street Action from Paris

The streets of Paris are always full of vibrant action. From musicians to dancers and from artists to acrobats, one can almost see everything on the streets of the French capital. While most of these happens in certain pre-defined areas of the city like popular tourist areas or near to the top attractions of the city, specialty events or performances can be held almost anywhere. Do keep your eyes and ears open for the happening events in town.

Pick up Graphic Novels at a Bookstore

Graphic novels galore at bookstores in Paris

Parisians love their books and you can see why when you step into any of the bookstores of the city. Most of the bookstores of Paris pack a fantastic collection and an ambiance that begs you to pick up a book and read it. Personally, I love the graphic novel collections available here and hope such collections will be soon found in the bookstores of India.

Departmental Shopping at Galeries Lafayette

Paris city view from on top of Galeries Lafayette, a department store in Paris

Nothing beats some departmental shopping, climbing to the roof and sipping a cup of coffee while watching the Paris skyline including the iconic Eiffel tower. The Galeries Lafayette located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris offers just this and more. Right from the time you enter this upmarket French departmental store, you cannot stop being mesmerized by its interior decoration. It houses all the top brands and designer labels for you to do all your shopping under one roof. A view of the Eiffel tower along with the a city view is just an icing on the cake.

Get your portrait made by a Street Artist

Street artists weave their magic in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Whether you are exploring Paris alone or with your partner, you should definitely get a portrait or sketch of yourself done by a local street artist. Such artists can be found at all key locations of the city such as the banks of the river Seine, in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Eiffel tower, the Sacre Coeur or other important monuments of the city. This might not exactly be a local thing, but it is a lot of fun and such portraits make for great souvenirs from your trip to Paris.

Be Bedazzled during a Paris Opera Show

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Paris ballet opera, classical operas, touching performances and melodious music can be enjoyed at either the Opera Bastille or at the grand Palais Garnier. Tickets can be a bit pricey, but if it is a theme you are interested in, it will be totally worth every pence. The performances here are so strong that they give goosebumps and that is coming from a guy who thought operas were not his thing.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

10 Top Things to do in Jordan

Jordan is a shining jewel of the Middle East and it comes as no surprise that it is immensely popular with people all over the world. From the lowest point on planet earth to the iconic archaeological site in Petra, from the Martian desert of Wadi Rum to the rich coral filled waters of the red sea and from the Baptism site of Jesus to the immense shopping avenues, this country has it all.

The highlight of Jordan - Petra Treasury

Personally, I love this fabulous country! Jordan visas are easy for us Indians as we get visa on arrival and with low cost airlines like Air Arabia, flights to Jordan don’t bore a big hole in our bank accounts. Below are 10 of the top holiday experiences that you should indulge in on your next Jordan holiday.

1) Climb up to the Monastery of Petra

A monastery special sleep, Petra, Jordan

I am sure most of us have heard of Petra or at least seen it in the Indiana Jones or other Hollywood movies. This beautiful rose red city from the 6th century BC is a UNESCO world heritage site and is definitely one of the top attractions of Jordan. This ancient capital of the Nabataean kingdom is stunning both by day and by night. Right from the time you walk through the canyon like Siq to appear at the Treasury to walking through the street of facades towards the theater and the tombs, this place is bound to enthral one and all.

Trekking path to the Monastery in Petra archaeological park, Jordan

While Petra by night is the most popular attraction here, I prefer the climb the steep climb to the monastery, a mighty and magnificent piece of rock art. This steep climb over jagged rocky steps gives you spectacular views of this rocky landscape and the entire city of Petra. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to connect with the local bedouins who make a living by selling food, beverages or trinkets on the top of the hill.

2) Float in the Dead Sea

Salt rocks by the Dead Sea from a view point, Jordan

The lowest point on planet earth, Dead Sea, is something that has to be experienced on a holiday to Jordan. Right from floating in the dead sea, feeling the sting of the salty water in your eyes and skin to indulging in mother nature’s best mud spa, Dead Sea is a special experience all the way. Dead Sea is also known for its healing properties and hence this is a great place to buy those bath salts, skin creams and other beauty products.

3) Snorkel in the Red Sea off Aqaba

The beach resort of Aqaba, Jordan

A duty free destination in Jordan, Aqaba is blessed with pristine white sandy beaches, emerald waters and rich marine life. If you feel like a beach holiday in Jordan, Aqaba is your destination. And if you feel like snorkeling and scuba diving (reef dives, wreck dives), Aqaba is where you need to go. North Bay, Visitors Bay and South Bay are home to the best dive sites and they offer you the opportunity to come in close contact with rich marine life that includes hump-head wrasse, moray eels, glass fish, parrot fish, morays, toad fish, torpedo rays, hawksbill turtles, spotted eagle rays, lobsters, lion fishes and many more exotic species.

4) Take a camel to watch the sunset in Wadi Rum

Photographing the stunning landscapes of Wadi Rum, Jordan

With martian landscapes on Earth, Wadi Rum is a spectacular mountain desert that is home to rolling red, yellow and white sand dunes, prehistoric rock paintings, super big and juicy watermelons and an amazing Bedouin culture. Dune bashing, sand boarding, rock climbing and mountain climbing are some of the top adventure activities of Wadi Rum. But, the iconic attraction here is the camel ride to the top of a tall sand dune or a rocky outcrop to catching a stunning red sunset over this mountain desert landscape.

5) Shop for Local Specialities at Amman

Sand Artist of Amman and his sand creation

All those of you who love shopping for rare items in a foreign country, you will find a lot of value in Jordan’s capital Amman. From the premium Dead Sea bath salts, creams and beauty products to the ancient mosaic art and ceramic work, from the delicious Medjoul dates, pistachios and sunflower seeds to the aromatic herbs and spices like Zaatar and sage and from the local Kajal (Kohl) to artifacts handmade by the Bedouins, you can let the shopper in you go crazy. Not only are these products special and of the best quality, but they are really light on your wallet.

7) Watch Mosaic Art being made at Madaba

Mosaic artist creating the tree of life mosaic at Madaba, Jordan

Madaba is the city where the mosaic map of the Holy Land was created. Even today, this ancient art form is practiced by the locals and can be seen everywhere from its churches to its shops. Seeing the completed mosaic art is great, but watching it being created from different colored stones is simply amazing. Visit any of the local mosaic workshops or the mosaic school to experience this ancient art form up close.

8) Jesus Baptism Place at Al-Maghtas

Pilgrims getting baptized at Bethany on the Israel side of the Jordan river

Set beside the east bank of the Jordan river is the baptism place of Jesus Christ. This UNESCO World heritage site offers the visitor a deep understanding of Jordan’s  connection with the Holy Land and three of the world’s popular religions. Explore this green valley and see people get baptized in the holy waters of the Jordan river.

9) Sing in the Amphitheatre of Jerash

South Theatre, Oval Forum, Cardo Maximum, Jerash city and other ruins from the top of the amphitheatre

A massive Roman city from the 3rd century BC, Jerash is one of the popular archaeological sites of Jordan. Located an hour out of the capital Amman, this city in ruins comprises of a hippodrome, amphitheatre, food market, victory arches, temples, oval plaza and fountains. Its highlight is the amphitheatre, which has stood the test of time and where you can sing to test its acoustical strength. Personally, I love the acoustical engineering of this amphitheatre and the large oval plaza.

10) Relax in the Man’in Hot Springs

Camels and their riders at the entrance to the street of facades, Petra, Jordan

Relaxation is an integral part of any holiday and what better than soak yourself in the natural hot mineral springs and waterfalls of Ma’in, another of Jordan’s many natural wonders. Located between Madaba and the Dead Sea, this place is ideal for that perfect day of peace, tranquillity and relaxation.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Al-Maghtas: Where Jesus was Baptized

Baptism of Jesus is an integral part of Christianity and to stand at the location of baptism and to imagine this event taking place some 2000 plus years ago is quite a surreal experience. Such is the religious importance of this place that people from all over the world come on a religious holiday to get baptized here. Al-Maghtas or Bethany beyond the Jordan is the place where Jesus was baptized. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located on the east bank of the Jordan river and exists in what we know as Jordan today. In spite of the warm weather, this is one of Jordan’s most fertile belts. Any archaeological or history lover will love the religious edifices seen here from the Roman and Byzantine period.

Greek Orthodox Church of John the Baptist at Bethany, Jordan

As you enter into this region either from the natural wonder called the Dead Sea or the biblical site of Madaba, you cannot fail to notice how the bleak dry landscape changes into a beautiful green valley. For someone who has been spending their holiday in Jordan, this green setting will come as a welcome surprise. As you head deeper into the heritage zone, you will see the tiny meandering Jordan river that splits Jordan with Israel and that ends into the Dead Sea. For people visiting Jordan, this allows them to see the people, buildings and life of Israel just across the river and vice versa.

Pilgrims getting baptized at Bethany on the Israel side of the Jordan river

This walk towards the river takes you to a beautiful newly built Greek orthodox church that houses colourful murals inside and where you can light a candle and/or make a donation by buying some souvenirs. Past the church, as you walk under the shaded canopy, you will notice some stunning view points that offer a wide shot of the Jordan river and the entire heritage area. Next, comes the archaeological site that houses the baptism pools, the churches, hermitages and tombs. While most of these are in ruins today, you can see remains of stone work from that era, marble steps that led into the baptism pool, the baptism pool itself and the resurrected pillars that supported the Chapel of the Mantle. It is best to go with a good local guide who can help you understand the history behind these ruins.

Meandering Jordan river from Jordan side

Once you pass the baptism site and the churches, you reach the Jordan river where you can sit on the steps of the river bank and watch the rituals and chants take place as people clad in white robes get baptized in these holy waters. Al-Maghtas or Bethany may not hold  a lot of importance to the typical holidaymaker exploring rich sights such as the Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba, but I would recommend that you squeeze this place into your itinerary and get a feel of the rich past of one of the most popular religions in the world today.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

48 Hours in Agra

Wah Taj Boliye! Agra, the once capital city of the mighty Mughal empire is where the monument of love, the Taj Mahal is located. Located by the river Yamuna, Agra is more than just a home to the Taj Mahal. It is home to three UNESCO world heritage sites, stunning parks, many other architectural wonders from the Mughal times, a delicious food culture and a vibrant street life.

A jaw dropping view of the Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh, Agra

It is a city that you have to visit. It could either be as part of a relaxed holiday or a rushed weekend trip from Jaipur or the capital New Delhi. I have explored this city many times and each time I have experienced something different. If you have 48 hours in Agra, these are my top recommendations!

Sunrise or Sunset at the Taj Mahal

Wah Taj Boliye, Agra

For most, a visit to Agra is just to visit the Taj Mahal. I completely empathize with this craze as I absolutely love this monument too. Such has been my craze that I gape in wonder every time I see the beautiful Taj Mahal. The best time to see and experience the Taj Mahal is either at sunrise or at sunset. If you are visiting during the foggy winters, sunset is recommended. At this time of the day, crowds are lower and the light is better, thus allowing you more time to take those amazing portraits in front of the Taj Mahal.

The view as you enter the Taj Mahal campus

It is best that you book your ticket in advance online so that you can avoid standing in queue at the ticket counter. It is always nice to understand the history of the monument so that we can connect with it better. As I prefer to move at my own pace, I usually opt for an audio guide, but if you wish you can opt for a government approved guide.

A different view of the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Do remember that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays. And that the east entrance is the one with the fewest people.

Siesta at Mehtab Bagh with the special Taj View

A Mehtab Bagh Taj Mahal Moment, Agra

The Persians loved their gardens and specialized in it. This brilliance with gardens and water gardens permeated into the Mughal style of architecture too. Persian styled Baghs or gardens can be found all over Agra. The famous one is the Mehtab Bagh, located on the bank of the Yamuna river opposite to the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan built this gorgeous garden just to enjoy amazing views of the Taj. You can also enjoy this view by taking an autorickshaw to the other end of the old city.

Taj Mahal as seen from Mehtab Bagh, Agra, India

If you are visiting during the rainy season, this place is perfect for those sunset shots of the Taj Mahal with reflections in the Yamuna and for other seasons, this place is ideal for that afternoon siesta with a surreal Taj Mahal view. May be, you could also read a book here. The best part about this place is that it is so blissfully quiet and a far cry from the Taj Mahal campus which is always bustling and buzzing with people. 

Amaze yourself at the Red Sandstone Beauty of Agra Fort

Local ladies gossip session in front of an ornate door, Red Fort, Agra, India

Housing many palaces, stunning carvings, gorgeous marble work and a bird’s eye view of the Taj Mahal, the red Agra Fort is where I would go straight after an early breakfast. An UNESCO world heritage site, the Agra fort, which looks very similar to the Red Fort of Delhi is so well preserved and hence is a special treat to the eyes.  Do compare notes when you visit New Delhi’s Red Fort, which holds iconic status and where India’s Independence Day and Republic Day events are held. Do check out the Expedia guide to New Delhi to know more about such charms, attractions and off-beat locations in India’s capital.

The mighty Red Fort of Agra

Right from the massively decorated entrance doors to the slow climb into the palaces and to the place where Shah Jahan used to live and watch the Taj Mahal, this place is full of historical wonders.

You have to see the Baby Taj

Intricate on the Baby Taj of Agra considered to be a smaller version of the Taj Mahal

Locally referred to as the Baby Taj, the Itmad-ud-Daulah tomb, located on the bank of the river Yamuna is a khazana of sorts. Built by Empress Nur Jehan (wife of Mughal Emperor Jehangir), for her father Ghias-ud-din-beg is possibly one of the prettiest tombs from the Mughal era.

Gorgeous carving and painting on the walls of Baby Taj, Agra, India

This is a perfect place to spend those late mornings or early part of the afternoon where you can enjoy its white marble, pietra dura, inlay work and amazing lattice work in a relaxed fashion.

Early Morning Visit to the 16th Century City of Victory

Durwaza of Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb or Baby Taj, Agra

An hour away from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, was built by Akbar in the 16th century and it remained the capital of the Mughal empire for about 10 years. Surprisingly it was abandoned, but today, it exists as a UNESCO world heritage site that comprises of stunning entrance ways, well preserved palaces, one of the largest mosques in India and beautiful courtyards. Out of the two sunrises that you have, I would recommend one for the Taj Mahal and the other for Fatehpur Sikri.

Go for a Quiet Walk at Sikandra

Indo-Islamic architecture of Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra, Agra

If you feel like a good long walk amidst stunning red sandstone marvels in Agra, Akbar’s tomb at Sikandra should be one of the top options. Lush lawns with many grazing blackbucks, screeching parakeets and a secular campus, Akbar’s tomb, located in the center of this Sikandra garden is full of lovely nature and beautiful architecture.

Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra, Agra

Started by Akbar himself and completed by his son Jehangir, this place is full of marble tombs of Akbar’s family, colorful pathways and ceilings with inscriptions and a sense of calm in busy Agra.

Read a Book at any of Agra’s Off-Beat Parks

What a place to read a book - Taj Mahal in the background, Agra

Located enroute to Mehtab Bagh are many public parks that don’t hold any importance to the tourist, but I think that they are fantastic places to relax and read a book while watching locals and the Taj Mahal from a different perspective. These off-beat parks don’t charge any fee, are not crowded with tourists and offer a stunning view of the Taj.

Stunning view of the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

If you get lucky, you could even play a game of cricket with the locals at one of these parks.

Shopping Time

Entrance to Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra, Agra, India

While the days in Agra are usually spent in exploring its architectural marvels that stay open only till sunset, a good part of the evenings can be devoted to shopping. From souvenir shopping at Mughal Bazaar on Taj East Gate road to shopping for leather goods at Sadar Bazaar and from shopping for spices at Rawatpara market to specialized marble product shopping at Gokul Para near Raja Mandi, evenings at Agra can be spent quite fruitfully. Even if you don’t wish to buy anything, these places are full of color, vibrant mood and local flavor, thus offering a wholesome local experience.

Indulge in Chaats and Sweet Petha

Amazing intricate work everywhere inside Red Fort, Agra

A trip to Agra is not complete until you whet your palate with Agra’s iconic chaats and sweets. Starting with the spicy berahi to delicious samosa, kachori, Aloo-tikki, jalebis, paneer tikka and golgappa, Agra’s famous chaat items are available all across the town. You could either taste them while exploring the attractions of the city or during your evening shopping walks. And do remember to take some iconic petha back home as a souvenir. The best petha can be found at Hari Petha, Panchis, Bhimsain Baidyanath and the Pracheen Petha store. 

Where to Stay:

Carvings on the walls of the Red Fort, Agra

As most people who visit Agra wish to see the Taj Mahal, it is recommended that you stay close to the Taj. In fact, most of the hotel properties are located around the Taj. On my recent visit, I stayed at a homestay called Pearl of Taj, which is located near the quiet Taj East Gate.

How to Reach:

Rose ringed parakeets are omnipresent in and around Red Fort, Agra

Agra has an airport, but it is poor in terms of connections and tickets are more expensive than other cities. Delhi and Jaipur are possible airport alternatives. Delhi has more connections and Jaipur works out as a good low cost hub. Train connectivity for Agra is excellent. It has 2 train stations – Agra Cantt and Agra Fort. Do remember that while searching for trains. Road connectivity is also excellent, though during the winter months, foggy conditions can pose quite a problem.

Other Sightseeing Options:

A foggy view of the Yamuna river from one of the rooms in Agra Fort

If you have more than 48 hours in hand, you can choose from the following:

1) Birdwatching at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (60 kms frm Agra)

2) Wildlife Boat Safari at National Chambal Gharial Sanctuary (70 kms from Agra)

3) Temple towns of Mathura and Vrindavan (50 kms from Agra)

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Friday, February 10, 2017

6 Adventure Activities for an Unforgettable Dubai Tour

Dubai, the tourism capital of the world, receives approximately 15 million tourists every year. The emirate’s rich cultural heritage, backdrop of a sparkling skyline and a magnificent coastline make it a delightful holiday destination, attracting travel enthusiasts from around the world. The city is home to some of the most breathtaking architectural marvels, including the world’s tallest building - The Burj Khalifa - but that’s not all. Dubai is also known for various adrenaline-pumping adventure activities that you just can’t afford to miss when in the land of golden wonders. To ensure a seamless experience free from any glitches, it is advisable to buy a Dubai tour package, no matter whether you are in Ahmedabad or Amsterdam! So, without further ado, let's take a quick look at the adventure activities you can experience in Dubai.

1. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Dubai

Renowned for its sand dunes, Dubai offers mountain bikers a reason to dress up and rule the rocky terrains. The Hajar Mountains in the east of Dubai have a labyrinth of mountain trails to challenge adventure enthusiast bikers. Most of the mountain tracks go through craggy terrains around the Showka area, with narrow trails, wadi beds and animal paths, where you can even encounter wild donkeys, mountain goats, and lizards. The biking track comprises of steep slopes and rough surfaces that is sure to offer an adrenaline rush, even in experienced riders.

2. Climbing and Hiking

Mountain climbing and hiking in Dubai

After exploring the Hajar Mountains on bike, don’t forget to go for mountain climbing and hiking. The Hajar Mountains is 3,050 meters or 10,000 feet high that offer shorter climbs along with bouldering opportunities. On the east coast, around Dibba, you can even try solo cliff climbing right above the deep sea. Follow the challenging paths on foot, to high plateaus and mountain tops that offer a spectacular view of the plains. In these upper reaches, you will also find hidden fertile farmland, wadi pools, and remote villages that make for a perfect visual delight.

3. Reef and Wreck Diving

Reef and Wreck Diving in Dubai

The Gulf of Oman, located in the eastern shores of Arabian Peninsula is a 90-minute drive from the town and is a reason to rejoice for water adventure enthusiasts. Here you will find artificial coral-coated reefs and color-changing cuttle fishes at a depth of 25 meters due to the presence of the Anchor Barge that sunk here in 1998. You can also go for drift diving, where there is a possibility of seeing black-tipped reef sharks, parrot fish, moray eels, scorpion fish, turtles, and whale sharks.

4. Sea Kayaking

Seak Kayaking in the Arabian Peninsula near Dubai

The Arabian Peninsula has some excellent sea kayaking arenas, especially in the Dubai coastal areas. Kayakers while enjoying the sport get to see turtles and flamingos along with a majestic view of mangrove forest near the coastline. This forest is also home to endangered birds, such as the white-collared kingfisher and the socotra cormorant.

5. Off Roading

Dune Bashing near the sand dunes of Dubai

The sand dunes, gravel plains, and wadi beds offer an excellent terrain for off-roading. Rent an All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) in Dubai to enjoy off-roading on the desert trails of the Middle East. Drivers usually bring out a new trick out of their sleeves to impress their customers. Enjoy hours of tearing up and stomach-churning dune-bashing ride that is sure to offer you an unparalleled off-roading experience. Make sure you are holding tight to the safety rod of your ATV.

6. Skydiving

Sky diving in Dubai

While the view of Dubai’s skyline from the land is breath taking, watching the land from the sky is once in a lifetime experience. Fly like a bird, plummeting towards the 21st century marvels - the world’s tallest building and artificial islands - at hellish speed. Skydiving above the Palm Islands includes an instant free-fall that guarantees an adrenaline rush in almost every skydiver. Later, enjoy the sprawling views that unfurl as you slowly descend towards the ground.

Wrapping Up

When in Dubai, be sure to experience the adventurous side of Dubai tourism - away from skyscrapers and shopping malls - to create everlasting memories that will linger on for the rest of your life. Whether you are in metropolitan cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai or emerging ones, such as Ahmedabad and Pune, it is advisable to choose a reputable travel operator to plan your Dubai tour. Check the itinerary of all the Dubai holiday tour packages they have to offer, closely examining all vital aspects, such as hotel bookings, sightseeing, visa, and other travel essentials. Some travel operators also offer customized Dubai tour packages from Ahmedabad, with provisions for vegetarian meals and also provide a guide for a hassle-free experience.

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