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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

31 Vibrant Visa on Arrival Holidays for Indians

For us international Indian travelers, getting a visa is one of the biggest items to handle for our holiday. And at most times, they cause so much head ache that we end up differing that holiday. And that is why I have been putting up helpful visa articles that will come in handy when you plan your international holidays. My last article detailed 9 exotic visa free countries for us Indians and this article talks those countries where we get easy visa on arrival. These visas could either be free or paid. All we need is a valid return ticket (could be back home or to the next destination), visa to the next destination (in case you are not returning home) and proof of enough funds to support yourself in that country for the entire duration of stay. Some countries are strict with these rules, while some go very easy on them.

Here goes the complete list of those 31 vibrant countries where we can get a visa on arrival:

Bolivia Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

This exotic South American country is one of those rare gem-like holiday destinations that offers bio diversity hotspots, Inca history, Andean mountains, the mighty Amazon river, Lake Titicaca, pure native American ancestry and some of the largest salt flats in the world.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians are eligible for a visa for a maximum stay of 90 days against a payment of USD 52 and 1 passport size photograph if they are holding a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to cover their stay.

Fishermen on Lake Tanganyika, Burundi

Burundi is one of the poorest countries on planet Earth, but it also offers a sensational off beat trail in tourist heavy East Africa. Sharing Lake Tanganyika, one of the deepest lakes in the world with its neighbours, it offers an incredible opportunity to get close to the native people and also get close to wildlife. If I were you, this would be my top volunteering getaway.

Visa on Arrival Process: Visa on arrival is provided if you arrive by air at Bujumbura airport and hold a pre-approved entry authorization approved by Burundi immigration.

Cambodia Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The kingdom of wonder is one of those South East Asian countries that offers many things from white sandy beaches to Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the world. While all the attention is centered at Siem Reap and the temples around it, it offers you the opportunity to indulge in one of the largest river systems in the world through the Tonle and the Mekong rivers. And Cambodia’s offshore islands are legendary.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get visa on arrival against a payment of USD 30 at certain overland and all airports. Also, ACMECS joint visas for Cambodia and Thailand are accepted too. e-visas are also possible and cost USD 37. Both the  visas are single entry and are valid for 30 days.

Cape Verde A view of Monte Cara from Mindelo, Cape Verde

If you are thinking of a remote beach holiday in West Africa,  Cape Verde has to be it. These cluster of islands off West African mainland offer a heady concoction of hiking, game fishing, kite surfing, canyoning and other adventure activities in one of the most liberal countries in Africa.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get a single entry visa on arrival offered against a payment of 25 Euros.

Djibouti Lake Assal Area, Djibouti

Want to see those lunar-esque landscapes from the Planet of the Apes, head to Djibouti, the country located on Africa’s North Eastern corner and jutting out into the Gulf of Eden. Be it true African culture, maritime trade, scuba diving, deserts or salty lakes, this country has it all.

Visa on Arrival Process: It is easy to get a visa on arrival to this north east African country. Pay USD 90 and get a single entry visa valid for 30 days or pay USD 120 and get a single entry visa valid for 60 days.

Ethiopia Semien Mountains, Ethiopia

One of the oldest countries in the world, Ethiopia is famous for its ancient Christian traditions. In fact, it is said that it is the second oldest Christian country is the world. Go here if you are interested in the Rift valley, unique cultures and wildlife parks.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get a visa on arrival for 30 days if they fly into Addis Ababa and pay a fee of USD 20. Overland visas are difficult to get.

Guinea-Bissau Bissau Guinean Landscape

This former Portuguese colony located in West Africa is famous for its carnivals, beaches, offshore islands, forests, Chimpanzees and waterfalls. The Bijagos archipelago is one of the top highlights here.

Visa on Arrival Process: Visa on arrival is given for a max stay of 90 days against a payment of 85 Euros.

Guyana Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

This small country located in South America’s North East is famous for its rainforests, big mountains, rich marine life, tall waterfalls and cuisines. The highlights are the 250m tall Kaieteur Falls, Iwokarma Rainforest reserve, turtle nesting area of Shell beach and the Merume mountains.

Visa on Arrival Process: Tourists can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days against a payment of USD 25 if they produce a letter of invitation from the sponsor or host, contact details of sponsor, hotel or host and two passport photos.

Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo, Indonesia

The largest archipelago in the world offers so much to all kinds of travelers. From stunning surf to white sandy beaches, from active volcanoes to tropical islands filled with rich coral reefs, from rainforests to rich potpourri of tribal cultures and from diverse wildlife to interesting cities, it offers so much diversity that there is absolutely no reason for you not to prolong your holiday plans to this sensational destination. And of course, India’s hot favorite ‘Bali’ is located right in the middle of this country.

Visa on Arrival Process: Fairly straightforward visa on arrival for a max stay of 30 days against a fee of USD 35. The tourist visa can be extended once. You can also get a visa for 7 days against a payment of USD 20.

Jordan Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world at Jordan

An exotic Middle Eastern country that has been immortalized through many movies, it is home to the mighty Petra ruins, the Dead Sea, a bustling middle eastern city in Amman, the desert of Wadi Rum, the scuba diving sites off the Red Sea and so much more. It is a jewel in the heart of the Middle East.

Visa on Arrival Process: For independent travelers, visa on arrival is sketchy, though on paper they say visa on arrival is given for a max stay for 14 days against a fee of 40 Jordanian Dollars if you hold a return ticket and USD 2000 (USD 1000 if you have paid for all your hotel accommodations). If traveling through a Jordanian tour operator, the visa is free of charge and there are no specific conditions.

Kenya Elephants at Amboseli National Park, Kenya

There are 2 things that make this East African country a hot holiday destination. One, its wildlife and second, its tropical beaches and islands. If you ask anyone to choose one wildlife destination in the world, they would pick Kenya and that says a lot about the sheer wildlife capacity of this East African holiday destination. Go here for the migration at Maasai Mara, the views of Amboseli, the desert landscapes of Lake Turkana and the flamingos of Lake Nakuru.

Visa on Arrival Process: Till Sep 1, 2015, Indians can get a visa on arrival when you fly into Nairobi. This visa allows you to stay in Kenya for a max of 90 days and you pay USD 50 for it. From September onwards, Kenya will be offering an e-visa instead of the sticker visa offered on arrival.

Laos Lao dancers during New Year

This South East Asian country is my hot favorite for a relaxing holiday. I dig all of its river getaways especially Don Khon, Nuong Khiaw and Nuong Knoi. From the fairy tale town of Luong Prabang in the middle to the Planet of Jars and from the relaxed capital city of Vientiane to the 4000 islands on the Mekong river, this country offers so many top relaxing holiday destinations.

Visa on Arrival Process: Visa on arrival is fairly easy and available at all important land and air border controls. This visa allows you to stay in Laos for 30 days and the fee is USD 30.

Maldives White Sandy Beaches of Maldives

A honeymooner favorite across the world and one of the most popular international romantic destinations from India, Maldives offers a rich tropical island holiday to you. Be it stunning resorts located on emerald or turquoise colored lagoons or pristine beaches on other local islands, this island paradise has it all.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get free visa on arrival into Maldives provided they are staying on a resort island or carrying USD 30 per day to cover their stay in Maldives. If you do not book a resort island package, you are limited to Male and nearabouts. Though, once you are there, you can connect with local hosts and get them to invite you to their island. It takes a day or two, but it is fairly straightforward.

Madagascar Ring Tailed Lemur, Madagascar

The world refers to it as the 8th continent. This fourth largest island in the world and located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa offers a stunning highlight of wildlife, landscapes, beaches, marine life, people and much more. And since Mauritius is close by, it can offer a great African beach holiday coupled with Mauritius.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get visa on arrival for free if they are visiting as a tourist and staying less than 30 days. If you stay longer, you pay for it. MGS 100,000 for 60 days and MGA 140,000 for 90 days.


Adar Mountain Desert Landscape

This country is about the desert and ocean. The mighty Sahara desert and its never ending dunes dictate the landscape of this North West African country. The highlight for travelers here is the desert in Adrar and the ocean in Banc d’ Arguin, a natural reserve with dunes ending in the sea and a UNESCO site.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indian visitors get free visa on arrival at the airport.


Traditional Sailboat of Mozambique

Located in South Eastern Africa, Mozambique is famous for its 1000 km long coastline. It’s combination of this vast coastline with African wildlife and a rich native culture makes this country a huge draw. It is especially popular with scuba divers, fishermen, sailors and beach holidayers.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days against a fee of USD 66. However, be prepared to show proof of your stay and funds.


Coral Chasm in Niue

If a remote island holiday is on your agenda, it can’t get any better than Niue. This island located in the Oceania is famous for its forests, marine biosphere, chasm, caves and limestone karsts. Be it hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, caving, kayaking, cycling, fishing or hiking, this pacific island offers this and more.

Visa on Arrival Process:
Visa on arrival is given free of cost to Indians if they have valid return tickets and sufficient funds to cover stay. However, they charge NZ$34 as a departure tax while leaving.


Aerial view of limestone islands, Palau

Located to the South East of Philippines, the Oceanic island country of Palau offers a surreal beach holiday. If you are into adventure or water sports, you are bound to love this island. Offering a great many diving and snorkeling sites, this marine rich biosphere offers a stunning close up view of jelly fishes in its famous jelly fish lake.

Visa on Arrival Process: You can get visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days against a fee of USD 50 provided you show funds to cover your stay (USD 200 per week)

Saint Helena

Jamestown - the capital of Saint Helena

A territory of the United Kingdom, Saint Helena is one of the most isolated islands in the world. It is great for its green mountains, steamy forests and scenic bays. There are lots of churches and museums too to cater to the art lover.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get visa on arrival for a max stay of 183 days against a payment of 17 GBP. Medical insurance is compulsory.

Saint Lucia

A view of Soufriere, Saint Lucia

A Caribbean delight, Saint Lucia is famous for its twin Piton peaks, drive in volcano, the rainforests, stunning sandy beaches and sulphur springs.  Outdoor activities like sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, rainforest hiking and mountain climbing are extremely popular here.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indian nationals can get a visa on arrival for a max stay of 6 weeks against a fee of USD 50.


Falefa Valley, Samoa

This Polynesian island that is located in between Hawaii and New Zealand is blessed with picture perfect beaches. Salammu beach, Falefa valley and the Farmer;s market on Sundays is a highlight. However, most of the beaches here are sensationally beautiful sandy beaches that have all the ingredients for a perfect beach holiday.

Visa on Arrival Process:
Indians get free visa on arrival for a max stay of 60 days.


Fishing Boats at Dakar, Senegal

This West African country is famous for its soccer, music, native culture, wildlife and national parks, offshore islands and steamy forests. Its main highlight is its rich history and culture that dates back 350,000 years.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indian citizens get a visa on arrival free of cost for 3 months if they fly into Dakar.


Mahe Island, Seychelles

Immortalized through beauty pageants and movies, Seychelles is a group of islands located to the east of Africa and in the Indian Ocean. It is known to be a top class beach holiday destination offering breathtaking beaches, watersports, landsports, nightlife, outdoor adventures and much more.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get free visa on arrival into Seychelles if they hold a valid return ticket, proof of accommodation and USD 150 per day of stay.


Jubba River, Somalia

Famous for its bad ass sea pirates who seem to be almost always in the news, the stable part of Somaliland offers a great opportunity to see original native African life, off beat African wildlife trails and stunning beaches on the East coast. Mogadishu is a dangerous yet a vibrant capital city that makes for quite an experience. Right now due to its fighting, the risk factor to visit this country is fairly high, though independent Somaliland is safe to explore.

Visa on Arrival Process: You can get a visa on arrival for Somalia if you pay a fee of USD 50 and provide an invitation letter from your sponsor that has been submitted to the airport immigration department at least 2 days before your arrival. This visa allows you to stay in Somalia for a max of 30 days and it can be renewed once.


Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

This East African jewel is teeming with wildlife, is home to the mighty Kilimanjaro mountain and has some of the best marine life off the East African coastline. The Ngongorogoro volcanic crater is an iconic place that offers possibly the best wildlife view in the whole planet. The city of Zanzibar offers a great getaway for those interested in culture and history. 

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get a visa on arrival that allows them to stay in Tanzania for a max of 90 days after they pay a fee of USD 50.



This South East Asian country is insanely popular with Indians. With its delicious cuisines, beautiful beaches, rich culture, omnipresent shopping avenues, sizzling nightlife and heady Bangkok city, Thailand is a dream destination for most Indians.

Visa on Arrival Process:
Indians get visa on arrival into Thailand at all airports and most land and sea crossings. The visa is single entry, valid for 14 days and cannot be extended. Fee is 1000 Thai Baht.

Timor Leste (East Timor)

Mountains in Aileu, East Timor

Located to the East of Indonesia, East Timor offers everything that Indonesia offers from long stretches of sand to some of the best surf in the world. Its native culture is also definitely worth exploring.  Home to possibly some of the best scuba diving sites in the world, East Timor is also known for its mountain hikes, birds of paradise, coffee and Portuguese culture.

Visa on Arrival Process: Pay USD 30 and get your visa on arrival for 30 days. You can get this visa extended too.


Traditional Taberma Houses, Togo

One of the nicest countries of West Africa, Togo offers a beautiful mix of beaches, wildlife, people, forests and nature. Tamberma valley, Fazao Mafakassa National Park, and Kien national park are the main highlights. Coffee plantation hikes, Lake Togo and the ocean are other highlights.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get free visa on arrival for a max stay of 7 days if the hold a valid return ticket and 3 passport photos.


Funafuti Atoll Beach, Tuvalu

This fourth smallest country in the world, Tuvalu is a group of islands in the Pacific. It offer a relaxed island and beach holiday along with close connections with the local culture. Scuba diving and snorkeling are possible in this island habitat.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get free visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days.


Mount Kadam, Uganda

Famously referred to as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is known for its mountain gorillas. However, it is also known for its chimpanzees, rich bird life, mountain trekking in the Rwenzoris, Lake Victoria and the origin of the River Nile. The Bwindi Impenetrable national park is the main highlight here, though there are other national parks where you can sight the highly endangered mountain gorilla.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians get visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 90 days against a fee of USD 50. You can also apply for a East Africa tourist visa in advance for USD 100 and get multiple entry for 90 days against a fee of USD 100. However, you can apply this only at the embassies of Kenya or Rwanda.

Vietnam Halong Bay, Vietnam

One of the gems of South East Asia, Vietnam offers stunning diversity from the Mekong Delta to the mountains in the north. In between, there are bustling cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there are offshore tropical islands, there are UNESCO World heritage cities like Hoi An, there are natural wonders like the limestone karsts of Halong and delicious Vietnamese food.

Visa on Arrival Process: Indians can get visa on arrival if they fly into an international airport of Vietnam and show a pre-approved authorization letter from a Vietnam tourist agency. Then, you can get single or multiple entry visa for USD 45,/65/95.

If you need to know more about visas for the Indian Passport, look up this comprehensive visa guide for Indians.

Note: The images in this article have been borrowed from wikipedia.org under the Creative Commons license. Each photo has been linked to its original page on wikipedia.

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