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Your Personalized Travel Counsellor

Personalized Travel Counselling Service by Sankara Subramanian of BE ON THE ROAD

In these 8 years of active travel blogging and traveling, I have helped countless number of people plan their holidays through personalized advice. Nearly all of these people reached out to me based on my blog content they consumed and the interest it evinced in them. We connected through email, phone, social channels and/or in-person coffee meetings and I shared tips, ideas, and suggestions based on my travel experiences. What gives me a lot of happiness is the fact that these travelers benefited a great deal from my personalized advice and I always beam with joy and pride when I read their ‘Thank you’ and other warm worded emails.

Personalized Travel Counselling - Book your Appointment Today!So far, things have been reactive and I only responded to people looking for help. Now, I want to offer an active travel counselling service to all those potential travelers out there. I want to share my experiences with you to help you simplify your travel planning and ‘live your own travel dream’. The idea is simple – to help you save on your hard-earned money and yet enrich your overall holiday experience. And all this leading to a trend setting travel experience.

You could ask me any question pertaining to travel (your travel dream, your next holiday, that special holiday, problems and issues with your trip and more); And I would answer all your questions through a Skype Call, a Phone Call or even an in-person meeting; At the end of our counselling session, all you have to do is get ready for that ‘special trip’. In return for my counselling service, you pay me a small fee (which I am pegging at INR 2000 per hour). You only pay me if you are happy with my counselling. To book an appointment, please call or email me. (Refer contact details in my business card to the right). 

Read to know more about me, my credentials, my associations and my credentials! 

Without limiting yourself, these questions could be in the broad areas of: (Applicable to both Indians and International Citizens Visiting India)

Honeymoon Planning – all kinds (luxury, budget, experiential)
Backpacking and traveling the globe on a shoestring budget
Exploring India on a Motorcycle
Driving from India to Thailand via Myanmar
Driving or Riding from India to Europe via Central Asia and the Middle East
RTW Travel
Gap Year Travel
Short Sabbaticals and Travel
Volunteering while Traveling
Working and Traveling
First-Time International Travelers
Working Holidays across the world for young travelers
Guidance with Visas
Travel Blogging and making money from it
Traveling fulltime and making it an active career
Traveling as a Student
Traveling with Kids
Traveling with Families
Traveling as a Vegetarian
Gourmet Traveler
Off-Beat Destination Lover
Planning for tougher destinations and for long journeys
Living as an expat in a foreign country
Working in foreign countries
Adrenaline Junkie Travelers
Traveling as a solo woman
Safety Issues, Packing Issues, Travel Operator Issues, Stay Issues, Travel Gear Issues
Best Experiences in India
Rural Experiences of India
Luxury Properties and ‘A Class Apart’ Destinations
My Best Kept Travel Secrets
and more…

Some ‘Happy Traveler’ Video Testimonials

Rathina – Solo Woman Traveler – Germany Backpacking
Sandeep – Honeymoon Trip – Thailand Shubhadeep – Honeymoon Trip – Bali

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