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Sunday, July 05, 2015

9 Exotic Visa Free Countries for Indians

Getting a visa with the Indian Passport can be a pain in the wrong places and if you are ever applied for a visa, you will know all about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just choose your destination, get your leave approved, book your flight tickets and head to that destination. Normally, tourists from first world countries (Europe, USA, Australia, Japan) can do precisely that, but if we look closely, we Indians also have some options. Here are 9 countries that offer visa free access to Indian Passport holders and the best part is that all of these are exotic destinations.


Punakha Dzong set amidst mountains and rivers

The Kingdom of happiness, Bhutan is the best perk of the Indian passport. While most other countries have to pay 250 US Dollars per day to visit this country, we Indians pay local prices, which is way cheaper than what we pay in our large cities. And we get to explore the Switzerland of the East (Bumthang), cliff temple of Tiger’s Nest, sensational Eastern Himalayas, rich Buddhist culture, spicy Bhutanese food and so much more. And did I mention that you can enter overland!

About Visa-Free Entry: If you drive into Bhutan from India, you get entry for 7 days. You can extend this at Thimphu while you get your special permits done. If you arrive by air, you get entry for 1 month, which again is extendable.


Ecuadorian dress, Carnival del Pueblo

Equatorial paradise of South America and one of the best places to experience the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador is one of those gems where Indian citizens get visa free access. Apart from the Amazon rainforest, one can experience the mighty Andes here, sensational beaches, the highest capital of the world in Quito and the isolated archipelago of Galapagos Islands that is located off its coast.

About Visa-Free Entry: Indian citizens get visa-free entry if they show a return ticket or a visa for the next destination.


Adelie Penguins on iceberg

One of the last frontiers on planet Earth, Antarctica is a place that appeals to everyone for its mighty glaciers, large breeding grounds for Penguins, icy white landscape, harsh, remote landscapes and much more to experience on every cruise to Antarctica. You can enter this uninhabited continent (nearly all of it with the exception of some small territories) from either New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa or USA.

About Visa-Free Entry: Since no one lives on this continent, there is no visa regime as yet and most countries get free passage. We Indians can also visit this exotic ice land without a visa.

El Salvador

Santa Ana Volcano

Straddling the pacific and an insane number of volcanoes, El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in Central America.  This tropical paradise is home to extremely hospitable people and offers culture, nature, beaches, volcanoes, food, nightlife and more rolled into a interesting package for the tourists.

About Visa-Free EntryIndian citizens get visa free entry for a maximum stay of 3 months if they hold a valid return ticket or a valid visa for the next destination. 


Huts in the village of Navala in the Nausori Highlands

A favorite with honeymooners, Fiji is a coral paradise in the South Pacific. Be it soaking in the sun, sipping umbrella drinks on the beach, indulging in some scuba diving in the coral reeefs or relaxing with your family, Fiji has it all.

About Visa-Free Entry:   Indian nationals get a visa free maximum stay of 4 months if holding a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to cover stay.

Hong Kong 

Misty Hong Kong in March

The pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong is a hot favorite with Indian travelers. They seem to love its soaring skyline, its insane shopping (fashion and electronics) avenues, its proximity to the gambling den of Macau and its delicious Cantonese food.

About Visa-Free EntryIndians get free stay of 14 days if they hold a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to cover stay or valid hotel bookings.


Ruins of St. Paul's at Macau

The world’s casino capital, Macau is the place to go to if you want to try your luck at blackjack, poker, sot machines or any other game in its many casinos. In addition, Macau is a great place to relish rich Portuguese history,  yummy Portuguese food especially the egg tarts and delicious Cantonese food. Typically, people couple a Macau trip with that of Hong Kong to make it a total value trip.

About Visa-Free EntryIndians can stay for a period up to 30 days if they hold a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to cover stay.


Mauritius Rivière du Rempart Cap Malheureux

One of Indian Ocean’s top beach holiday destinations, Mauritius is super popular in India. A lot of our Bollywood and regional movies have been shot there. If watersports, scuba diving and/or a relaxed beach vacation is what you have in mind, this is the place you should head to.  Here, you get an interesting mix of Indian, French and African cultures.

About Visa-Free Entry– Indians can stay for 90 days (Max of 180 days in a calendar year) if holding a valid return ticket and sufficient funds (USD 100 per day) to cover stay.


The beautiful temples at Kathmandu Durbar Square and a young boy on stilts

India shares a complete porous border with Nepal. This means that we can drive in, ride in or fly in. We don’t need a visa or even a passport. Just a simple voters id or driving license will do. So whether you are planning a trekking expedition in the Himalayas (Everest, Annapurna, Langtang), a spiritual trip to its temples, a relaxed holiday to its lush green and beautiful countryside or if you wish to enjoy the charm of Kathmandu, Nepal should offer you the easiest passage.

About Visa-Free EntryCompletely porous border. Voters ID card and Driving License will do. You can stay and work in Nepal for up to 6 months in a calendar year.

Note: Some of these images have been used courtesy of wikipedia.org under the creative commons license. All such pictures have been hyperlinked to the respective page on wikipedia.

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