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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What are the Cheapest Months for Indians to Plan International Holidays?

How many of you have cringed at those super expensive flight tickets to your dream destination? It would have either made a huge dent to your bank balance or you would have quashed your dreams of going on that dream holiday with your family and friends. I certainly hear something along those lines from my family and friends, but thankfully that is not the case with me, as over the many years of traveling, I have learned and formed my own travel hacks. These travel hacks allow me to plan in such a way that I get the best deal, both from a price point and the overall experience value. Sounds fantastic right? Read on if I have piqued your interest.

There are a lot of techniques to find that best deal. From tracking each airline newsletter diligently, making use of super sales, tracking low seasons, checking on airline miles offers to using Skyscanner’s (my favorite flight search engine) super helpful functionality to track best deals by date and destination, there are many methods. Honestly speaking, they do require patience, time and energy and which is why I am sharing the summary of my travel hack research with you.

Let me give you 3 amazing snippets to help you understand the value of the results of such travel hacks…

1) Indian travellers should book an average of 18 weeks in advance to enjoy great savings.

2) The most expensive time to make international holidays from India is the 1st week of December and

3) The most expensive month to travel from India is August so Indian travellers should avoid travelling in August altogether, if possible. 

Below are 10 international destinations that are popular with Indian travelers and next to them is mentioned the cheapest months to travel there and some additional information on merging it with our festival/national holidays and the savings from it. This is based on Skyscanner’s data which has more than 50 million travellers visiting the site monthly, some analysis of upcoming Indian holidays for this year and my personal experience. Hopefully, this travel hack can help you fulfil your travel dream.

July says ‘Go Thailand or Singapore’

This July we have the Id-ul-Fitr holiday and long weekend and this makes it a perfect time to plan a holiday to 2 gorgeous and amazing destinations – Thailand and Singapore.


Snorkeling at Angthong Marine National Park, Thailand

Thailand is amazingly green in the month of July and the temperatures are pleasant. It is also the best time to spot sharks if you are a scuba diving aficionado. Whether you are in the misty mountain climes of Mae Hong Son, Pai or Chiang Mai or relaxing in any of the lovely tropical islands either in the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea, the country is beautiful all around. Personally, I love the sight of the rain drenched Ayutthaya temples and a stress relieving traditional Thai massage at Prachinburi in the month of July.

Best Time to Book: 19 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 16.0%


Clarke Quay Riverside, Singapore

We Indians love Singapore. Be its shopping, amazing theme parks, its foodie lifestyle or the fact that there are a lot of Indians living there, Singapore is one of the favorite international destinations for Indian travelers. Whether you are taking a river cruise on the iconic bumboat, enjoying a classic dinner by the Clarke Quay riverside or sipping the Singapore Sling and moving to some of the latest beats at Zouks, a long weekend in July is perfect to visit Singapore.

Best Time to Book: 17 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 26.8%

October says ‘Go UK and US’

Apart from Switzerland and NewZealand, if there are 2 countries that Indians love due to its rich Bollywood connection, they have to be the UK and the USA. And what better time to make full use of the cheap fares than the month of festivals and holidays. This October, we are blessed with back to back holidays – Gandhi Jayanthi, Navratri/Dussehra/Durga Puja and Diwali/Deepavali.

United Kingdom

The Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tube, the rich Punjabi food and music scene, easy access to the castles of Scotland or a live soccer match at the iconic Old Trafford to watch Manchester United FC in action, I am sure you can plan this and much more in the United Kingdom this October. As it will be autumn, the weather will be balmy and ideal for those lazy walks by the River Thames or perfect for those whiskey connoisseurs who wish to start their drinking session right after breakfast.

Best Time to Book: 18 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 11.1%

United States of America

New York Manhattan Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge

From Los Angeles to New York and from Alaska to Florida, the US is the land of opportunity for most of the world and especially Indians. Most of us have visualized every day of that American dream. But, usually, we park our plans due to the expensive air fares. But, this October, right after the peak university student traffic season, tickets to the USA are the cheapest. And this is when you can enjoy everything from the Grand Canyon, New York, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, New Orleans, Hawaii and so many exotic destinations. The best part of traveling in October is that you will get to experience the fall colors and make the best of comfortable temperatures and good sunshine.

Best Time to Book: 19 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 10.5%

November says ‘Go Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia’

Diwali is end of October and if you plan intelligently, you could combine the festival holidays with some extra days and go to anywhere from the stunning landscapes of Canada to the romantic locations of France and from the raw vastness of Australia to the black forests and fast automobiles of Germany. And for those wishing to go on a religious journey to the Mecca, November is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia.


Great Barrier Reef from the air

Australia is a world in itself and we all know that. This November, if you plan well, you could go on that dream holiday to Australia where you dive into the Great Barrier Reef, surf on the Gold Coast, dine near the stunning Sydney harbor, be amazed at the Victorian architecture of Melbourne or even take a scenic drive through the famous Great Ocean Road. November is technically late Spring and hence you will be blessed with plenty of sunshine and good weather. And who knows, you could may be catch a chance to see a live cricket match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground!

Best Time to Book: 17 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 21.4%


One of the largest countries on our planet, yet the least inhabited, Canada is a land of extreme and diverse landscapes. Whether you indulge in a train journey across the country or simply stay put in one location, you cannot do anything but admire nature’s rich bounty in this country. The Great Lakes, the Niagara Falls, the Arctic Tundra, the Alaska Road highway, the Canadian Rockies, culturally rich cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada has all the ingredients to be that special holiday.

Best Time to Book: 20 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 12.6%


The ‘City of Romance’, Paris provides a certain charm all year around. While there might be a bit of rain around, this is definitely one of the best months in the year to keep Paris all to yourself. And that in itself is reason enough to make a trip to France. I am not even going to talk about the food, wine, museums, architectural marvels or the fashion. I am sure, you will catch that flight to France as soon as you have your hands on that cheapest flight ticket this November.

Best Time to Book: 14 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 14.0%


Fairytale view of Heidelberg, Germany

I go to Germany to drive on the ‘Autobahn’. If you love cars and/or speed, Germany is the place for you. Throw in the art scene of Berlin, the parties of Frankfurt, the Rhine river experience of Cologne and the culturally mystic Black Forest in the South, you have a lip smacking Germany holiday itinerary for this November. Like France, the weather will be pleasant and definitely with more sunshine.

Best Time to Book: 17 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 17.3%

Saudi Arabia

This is one country I haven’t visited from this list, but I have heard so many amazing things about this country from my Muslim friends. The Mecca experience seems surreal and that is something that I hope I can live to see one day. And if possible, may be, hire a 4x4 and do some serious dune bashing out there.

Best Time to Book: 18 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 28.6%

Feb says ‘Go UAE’

This year’s February has gone by, but for 2017 February, you could plan a romantic trip to Abu Dhabi or Dubai on Valentine’s day or simply take your family on a UAE holiday.

United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi

The Arabian Gulf enjoys some fantastic weather in February and is ideal to enjoy those romantic walks on the marine drive, a candle light dinner under the desert stars, an adrenaline rush at the Ferrari World, a luxury hotel experience, fantastic shopping experience and so much more. If you plan well, this could be that special Valentine holiday present to your partner and it would not even dent a hole in your wallet.

Best Time to Book: 18 weeks in advance

Cost Savings: 11.1%

To get a quick snapshot of this travel hack, do look up this infographic prepared by Skyscanner, my favorite flight search engine:

Best Time to Book for Indian Travellers

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