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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SanDisk Extreme Pro: Get the Best for your Camera

SanDisk Extreme Pro - the newly launched premium memory card from SanDisk

This question is aimed at all the photographers (professional, budding, amateur, serious hobbyist) out there. In your journey as a photographer, have you faced situations where your camera simply hung or took ages before allowing you to press the shutter again? Or worse, have you returned home to figure out that the image/HD video never really got saved. Well, I have faced such situations personally and I learnt the hard way that it was my basic memory card that was the culprit. Apparently, just having a great camera does not cut it. Instead, it needs to be paired with a great memory card too. I remembered this adage once again when I attended an event hosted by SanDisk India where they were talking about their newly launched Extreme Pro SD cards. And I am sharing it with you as it is quite a pain in the wrong places if you learn it the hard way.

Below are some of the key features of the newly launched SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards and why they make sense for all those who are heavily invested into photography.

1) Designed for Burst Mode Photography and 4K UHD Video

As cameras and technology keeps getting better and richer, we need to ensure that we upgrade accessories too so that they keep pace with the changing technology requirements. In the era of super fast cameras and 4K UHD videos, not only do you need memory cards that are lightning fast, but they need to do the work without you feeling any lag or delay. Else, your moment would have passed and that is something that you would not want as a photographer. This feature of SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards is something that all wildlife, sports and adventure photographers will find super helpful.

2) Very Fast Read, Write Speeds and Super Quick File Transfers

When it comes to memory cards, the read - write speeds are critical as that tells you how long your card takes to save your RAW/JPEG file while on the camera and also while retrieving it during viewing. The SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card comes with speeds of upto 95 MB/s Read and 90 MB/s Write that ensures that even significantly large files can get saved and retrieved in the blink of an eye. This also means that transfers from the SD card to either your hard disk or your laptop is super quick too. This feature is something all photographers will appreciate as no one likes slow file transfers.

3) Easy File Recovery with RescuePro Deluxe Software

One of the things that nobody wishes to happen, but one that happens from time to time with all storage devices is them crashing or getting corrupted. As a thumb rule. most photographers keep all their files backed up, but sometimes, we forget or simply get unlucky. Either ways, we do not wish to lose our files. It is in such a case that SanDisk’s RescuePro Deluxe Software comes in handy. Bundled along with the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card, one can use it free of cost for the first one year for all memory cards. Having personally used the software, I know it is totally worth to buy its yearly membership once the one year free membership gets over.

4) Handles Extreme Weather

Be it super hot or super cold conditions, rain or snow, shocks or x-rays, the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card is designed to handle extreme environments. So whether you are going on a frozen river trek, shooting in the hot climes of the desert or chasing the monsoons, your memory card will stand by you.

5) Choose the Amount of Storage you need

The card comes in a variety of storage options from as low as 32 GB to as high as 512 GB. Of course, the higher storage ones cost more, but it is worth it if your work requires such heavy storage as you don’t need to change many memory cards.

So, the next time you are looking to buy a new DSLR camera, upgrade your existing one or looking to buy memory card accessories, opt for the best ones for your camera. For example, if you are using a high end camera, go for a high end memory card like the SanDisk Extreme Pro series and if you are using a mid range camera, opt for a mid range memory card. This will ensure that you get the best features and receive total value for money. And remember never to allow your camera salesman to bundle a basic memory card as a freebie. This freebie will definitely come back to bite at you.

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