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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post: Tips for Traveling to India

If you are someone who is invested in traveling to India, you’ll find that you have a wonderful experience ahead of you. Whether you are traveling to India for business or pleasure, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to ensure that you have a great time.

Limit Your Trip India is big, and there is a great deal to see and do. While you might want to shop in Delhi and hit the beach in Goa before you take a look at the tigers of Madhya Pradesh, you’ll find that it is best to confine yourself to one or two areas. It is very easy to get worn out if you try to see everything, and the truth is that you’ll have a much better time if you simply slow down. By limiting yourself to several areas, it allows you to see a lot more during your stay. Madhya Pradesh has nine national parks, making it a great destination for travel. This is one area you want to be sure to visit. When traveling to India, think about doing it as a part of a tour. A tour will make sure that you get to see every place that you want to see, and it will also help you take things easy. Talk to a travel agent about picking up a package deal and make sure that you outline the places that you want to see.

Eat Carefully It is very possible to get sick from food and beverages that has been poorly prepared in India. When you eat fruit, make sure that you peel it yourself, and when you want to drink water, stick to the bottles. Skip tap water and make sure that you don’t eat anything that has been rinsed in tap water; this means that raw salads are right out. Most people find that it is very easy to go vegetarian in India. You will not be missing out on much of the local cuisine; vegetarian food is prevalent throughout all of India, and in many cases, it is safer than eating meat that has been stored in questionable circumstances.

Dress Light, Dress Conservatively Both men and women should be aware of the heat in India; dressing in loose, light clothes is an ideal way to beat the heat. While most people are comfortable wearing Western clothing in the major cities, it is a good idea for women to adopt conservative clothing when they are traveling. Skip the shorts and low-cut or tight-fitting tops and opt for things like cotton shirts with long sleeves and loose linen or cotton trousers. Consider picking up a salwar kameeze set of matching tunic and trousers, which is what many local women will be wearing.

About the Author: Steve Reid is a life-long traveler who writes about a variety of travel topics. He often writes on behalf of Liberty Travel, a leading travel agency located in the United States. Liberty Travel offers all inclusive vacations to many locations.

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