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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Refurbished Blog

Hello Readers!

In the last month, I have made some changes to the blog that you will appreciate. These changes will give you a slightly better visual experience, a newer home page with lots of helpful functionality, better readability, faster search results and ability to easily locate content on the blog.

You can see a teaser preview in this post and for a live feel, you can go directly to the home page.

Refurbished Home Page
Refurbished HomepageThe earlier homepage was a summary of the latest posts. The current homepage has lots of pictures, allows you to read content by country, find the latest posts and read according to your area of interest. The older top navigation bar has been retained as it was well received by many of you. I intend to make it more helpful.

Photo Containers with travel stories
The idea was to make the homepage more visual and to bring out the beautiful world travel photos. As a future traveler, you can get to know the story behind the photo by clicking on it. To make this happen, I have put in two photo containers so that you get to see lots of gorgeous travel photos.

Destination Guides and Latest Blog Posts
You can also selectively read content and see photos by country. This feature was there earlier, but it remained hidden. Now, it is right on the homepage. The top 3 latest blog posts can also be seen in this section.

6 Blog Focus Areas
If you have been reading my blog posts regularly, you will know that I typically write on 6 broad focus areas. These are ‘Travel Tips’, ‘Visas for Indians’, ‘Adventure Travel’, ‘Vegetarian Food’, ‘Wildlife Holidays’ and ‘Unique Cultures’. Earlier, this content was fragmented. Now, everything has been categorized into these 6 broad areas that double up as the blog focus areas and my areas of interest. If you connect with them, you can directly read content under those respective headers.

Content categorized into 6 broad areas of interest
To read the latest posts on these areas of interest, all you have to do is hover on the respective header. You can continue to read more by clicking on ‘More’.

Faster Search Results

Faster Blog Search

We all know the importance of a good search feature. Keeping that in mind, I have made my earlier search much faster and more accurate. This will help you easily search within my 1500+ blog posts that I have been writing over the last 5 years. It continues to remain on the top right. Do give it a try and discover more of my blog’s hidden treasures.

Cleaner UI for Blog Posts
Cleaner Blog posts
Earlier, there used to be some clutter in my blog posts with overcrowded side bars and lots of Ads. This time around, I have tried to make it cleaner and give you more interesting content instead of Ads and other trash. The font sizes have gone up, the color theme is uniform and the right side bar shows information that you might be interested in, such as. ‘Related Posts’, ‘Currently Trending Posts’, ‘All Time Favorites’ and the likes.

Request: I would really appreciate if you could give my refurbished blog a look and a try. And do let me know if you have any positive or negative feedback for me. I will try to incorporate those feedback into my next blog update.

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