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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Cities - 5 Games

The 5 most visited cities in the world are definitely a sight to behold. These cities are consistently chosen as the best destinations to travel to because they offer many things to tourists. London is a classic on this list alongside Paris, both of which are world famous cities and capitals of England and France, respectively. Dubai is a fairly new addition to the list considering that its tourism exploded a few years ago. New York is the most visited city in the United States, even if it’s not the capital. Bangkok is Asia’s jewel city and a wondrous location to find yourself in. Only Dubai and New York aren’t capitals on this list but they’re definitely worth being here.

Statue of Liberty, New York

However, which games are the most popular in each of these cities? Tourists come and go but before they leave, most of them want to try some casino games. We’ll be taking a look at what games are the most played by the citizens of these cities.


London’s most popular game is roulette. Almost all casinos that are located in England have roulette tables in almost half of the building. These roulette tables follow European rules which to most Europeans are the classic rules and they don’t require explaining. The second most-played game is Blackjack. Bingo is, as it seems, a timeless classic considering how much people play it nowadays and you’ll be able to find great bingo games to play in London, even though it’s a fairly old game.


If you ask people what the most popular game in Paris is, they’ll respond by mentioning various sports. Parisians are actually quite proud of their sports teams. Their soccer team is incredibly successful, Tour De France gets hosted every year, they have Gael Monfils who is a great tennis player. Basically, any type of sport is their favorite ‘game’!


Unfortunately, when it comes to gambling and games in Dubai, they’re prohibited by law. There are only three areas in the United Arab Emirates where gambling is allowed. However, you’ll be happy to know that tourists and citizens alike love betting on sports in Dubai. Horse racing and camel racing are the most popular sports that they participate in and watch.

New York

You could say that most Americans love playing video games and you’d be correct. A lot of their citizens play games on consoles or the PC. New Yorkers, even though similar to their fellow citizens from other cities, have some great alternatives. They have live-action ‘escape the room’ games, live-action quests, and many others. They seem to be focused on real life games and sports, rather than the virtual world.


Floating Markets of Bangkok

Thai people are different from the rest of the world and their main focus in sports is Golf. Golf is definitely the most popular sport in Thailand but closely behind golf come soccer, badminton, snooker, tennis, etc. Boat racing and kite-fighting are also quite popular.

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