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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Best things to do in Musandam, Oman

Musandam, Oman

Musandam, the incredibly beautiful Omani peninsula is kept apart from the rest of the UAE by a piece of land. Musandam is surrounded by the bluer than blue waters of the Arabian and Omani Gulf. People throng to this area to admire its many natural and architectural wonders such as beautiful rugged mountainous, lacy fjords, lovely buildings, fantastic beaches and more. You may find that it’s not that easy to reach Musandam and not easy to find your way, but this amazingly, stunningly beautiful place is a must-see.

How to Get To Musandam

Fancy a road trip along one of the most stunning stretches from the UAE to Khasab, Musandam?

By Road: Follow the coast, overlooked by high cliffs, gazing at fishing boats and dhows and villages in the distance. Drive into Khasab, from Dubai via Ras al Khaimah. You’ll have to cross either the coastal Al Dara border which is open to everybody, or Wadi al Baih which is closed to expats, even those with Omani residence visa.

By Sea: Alternatively, you can travel to Musandam from Dubai by yacht, or by signing up for a dhow cruise tour.

By Bus: If you choose to get to Musandam from Dubai by public transportation, you can endure a very inconvenient bus journey from Deira in Dubai to Khasab via Ras al Khaimah.

Best Time to Visit Musandam

Throughout the Arab Peninsula, summers are hot and humid. Since most of the attractions in Musandam are outdoors – the fjords, the gulf, and the beaches – it’s best to avoid travel during summer. Summer is from June to September; the heat is high and there’s very little rainfall to provide any relief. Daily maximum temperatures can easily go up to 40°C or more.

So as long as you avoid the scorching summer months, you can visit during any other time. It’ll be mostly pleasant and warm. It is during this warm weather that you can watch the turtles nesting at Ras al Jinz.

Things to do In Musandam

Watch smugglers race across the Strait of Hormuz

Hormuz at Khasab, Oman

If you want something different to do at Oman, get to the Strait of Hormuz at Khasab. Keep watch at night as many boats flee Khasab across the Strait towards Iran. Each day, hundreds of small motor boats make the hazardous journey, carrying loads of everything from electronics to sanitary items. It’s one of the
coolest things to do in Musandam, watching the boats run. Any item that’s not easy to procure in Iran is smuggled over to them via the Strait of Hormuz.

Explore the fjords of Musandam

Fjords of Musandam, Oman

Sign up for a dhow cruise of the Musandam coast to experience the spectacular fjords first hand. The fjords are beautiful and stunning waterways in the waters surrounding Khasab. You can kayak, swim or snorkel around the fjords. You may have to camp overnight on the beach and make this a two-day trip, but it’s a fabulous experience, sailing over the bubbling fjords in the waters as the mist rises up into the sky. Relish the thick Omani coffee (Kahwa) and dates on the cruise and a swim in crystal turquoise waters.

Explore Dibba

Dibba, Oman

Dibba Al-Baya is a small picturesque town on the Musandam Peninsula’s southeastern corner. Dibba is your route to enter Eastern Musandam. The town is surrounded by unspoilt nature. The rugged cliffs and mountains are perfect for camping, trekking and hiking. The waters are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling, owing to the incredible marine life in the coral reefs here. There are many deep sinkholes, which offer challenging dive spots to expert divers. Dibba is one of the top Musandam attractions.

Paraglide over Zighy Bay

If you’re into adventuring, get ready for some energetic paragliding over Zighy Bay in Musandam. The Zighy Mountain is 1000 foot tall, which provides the perfect height for paragliding. Launch off the beautiful mountain and paraglide over the beautiful Zighy Bay. The scenery is absolutely mind-blowing as you coast over the waters. You can enjoy parasailing behind a fast boat on Zighy Bay as well.

Enjoy Musandam’s waters

Pristine Khasab Beach, Oman

If you’re looking for turquoise and jade colored seas and sugar kissed white sands, head to Khasab Beach. It’s the most perfect beach in all of Musandam. You can enjoy a boat trip along the waters, go swimming, beach bumming, overnight camping and shell-collecting at this beach. You can also enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving in the beautifully-turquoise waters in Khasab Beach. Check out Telegraph Island, where you’ll find the ruins of an old British telegraph station. British sailors were left stranded in the heat on this island to man this station.

Play with the Musandam dolphins

Musandam Dolphins, Oman

Dolphin lovers never had it so good. You can find two kinds of dolphins in the Musandam waters. There’s the Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops Aduncus) and the Humpback dolphin (Sousa Chinensis). The best way to get up close to them is to sign up for a boat or dhow ride, and sail around the dolphins. The dolphins are friendly and encourage visitors to play with them and touch them at times.

Visit Khasab castle

Khasab Castle, Oman

The Khasab Castle was constructed in the 17th Century by the Portuguese colonists, who wanted control over the Strait of Hormuz. Today, the Khasab Castle is the Governor’s office, and also a prison. Visit the castle to see several historical exhibits including old documents, jewellery, old Arab kitchen equipment, and clothing, weapons and wedding decorations. The castle also comprises a Quran learning school, and models of date storage (Bait Al Quful) and a traditional elevated summer house. You’ll also find three old traditional Omani boats and some old canons at the palace.

Adventures at Jebel Harim

Jebel Harim, tallest mountain of Musandam, Oman

The 2087 meter tall Jebel Harim is the Musandam’s highest point. The phrase Jebel Harim literally means the ‘Mountain of Women’. The peak got its name because Omani women used to hide up in the mountains fearing kidnap by pirates when their men were away on fishing trips. Hike or trek up the mountain and enjoy the fabulous views from the top, of the surrounding valleys and villages. You can also camp on Jebel Harim.

Explore Kumzar

You’ll have great fun exploring Musandam’s remote villages, many of which can be reached only by boat. Kumzar is one such, on the northernmost corner of Oman, looking out at Iran across the Strait of Hormuz. Apparently, the locals here are descended from the soldiers of Alexander the Great, who left some of his troops behind on the island. You’ll need to arrange advance permits to get to this village as it is located in a politically sensitive area.

Admire the Khor Najd bay and mountains

Musandam has no dearth of remote and beautiful places to be explored. One such is Khor Najd, which you can reach only by road. This town is located around forty minutes away from Khasab, and you’ll have to drive via some mountainous routes. The road provides fabulous views across the fjords and the surrounding landscapes are mind-blowing. You can sign up for a Musandam tour that includes the Khor Najd area.


Loving Musandam yet? You will simply adore this part of the Arab world once you make your first visit to Oman. Then you’ll hanker each year for another visit to this splendid Middle Eastern gem of a region.

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