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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Barachukki Falls – Magical Scene on the Cauvery!!

Barachukki Falls is a huge bundle of water that falls from the wide rocky cliffs of the Cauvery River. This falls is one of the facades of the Shivanasamudra Falls. The other facade, the Gaganachukki falls is located to the other side some kilometres away.

The Barachukki waterfalls tumbles down from a spectacular height of 250 feet and has a ‘U’ cross section, that makes it look like a mini Niagara.

When I was there last Sunday, the spectacle was inspiring, but the amount of water wasn’t. In fact, the water was so less, that a lot of people were happily taking a shower under the mini waterfall.

Unlike the Gaganachukki Falls, the Barachukki is smaller in height, but wider in cross-section. And unlike the Gaganachukki, one can climb the 350 odd steep steps to reach the base of the waterfall.

This place offers more for the fun-loving tourists. You get some exercise in ascending and descending the 350 odd steep steps. Then, you get to sample the freshly caught fish that is stir fried and seasoned to your taste.

Then, you can go on a coracle boat ride on the pool of water in front of the waterfall. The boat charges are something like 100 rupees for a 30 minute ride for 4 people.

The most interesting feature of this coracle boat ride is that it takes you right up to the waterfall. You can get drenched if you want to. You can even go take a shower under the waterfall, go for a swim or take a simple dip.

For all those who don’t know what a coracle is…A coracle is a round boat that looks like an inverted coconut shell and is the only boat form used on the Cauvery river which is known for its rough waters and whirlpools. It is made out of bamboo and animal hide. It is pretty tough and hence hugely popular in the Cauvery belt.

The entire terrain around the waterfall is extremely green all round the year and hence is very pleasing to the eye.

Overall, this place offers a great retreat for a day trip and is truly a magical scene on the Cauvery!!

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