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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Train as a Home for the Next 10 Days!!

I find train journeys romantic. Landscapes passing by, the feeling of being on the move, meeting interesting people, creating new memories and discovering the world from a whole different dimension is something that I absolutely love. It is such a strong adrenaline rush that I wake up before the sun rises and am so energized that I surprise myself.

My work space on the dome car with a 180 degree view

I am on one such train journey. I am sitting in the dining car of a vintage 1950 coach as I am typing this article out. In between my writing, I look out and soak in the sights of the desert landscape and mountains of the state of Arizona. Sometimes, I even get lucky and spot some coyotes.

Enjoying the Millennial Train Journey
It has been love at first sight since I stepped foot onto this train. We are 3 train cars attached to the Amtrak train service and are headed to Washington D.C from Los Angeles. All 3 cars are vintage cars from the 1950s that are owned and maintained by passionate train lovers. These train cars go by the names of Salisbury Beach, Pacific Sands and the Silver Splendor.

My train bedroom for the next 10 days

My home for the next 10 days is a private 2 bed bunker bedroom in the Salisbury Beach car. It has super comfy beds, lots of space and an attached bathroom and sink. I have been on innumerable train journeys before, but I have never slept on a train bed that is more comfortable than this one. And when I woke up this morning, I got treated to a gorgeous sunrise over the shrub desert somewhere in Nevada or New Mexico. These train cars have so much history that I can’t wait to learn more about them.

Enjoying the train ride
And giving me company on this train are such an interesting bunch of people, each with their own stories and dreams. All of us in our own sweet way are looking to change the world for the good. I have been connecting with some of them and am loving their philanthropic vision. Each one of them are looking to make the world a better place. As I talk to more of these lovely people, I will share their stories here on the blog so that you can also appreciate their vision as much as I do.

Breakfast in the dome car of the train

And Tyson Foods have been stuffing us with their delicious food. I am looking forward to staying full and happy with their food creations for the next 10 days.

Millennial Train Project looking to build leaders of tomorrow

We call ourselves the Millennial Train. It is the brainchild of Patrick Dowd who was invited by the rail journeys in India while he was there on a project. This is the 3rd Millennial Train ride across the United States and right now we are somewhere in Arizona and headed towards San Antonio in Texas. Our final destination is Washington DC.

If you wish to follow our journey closely, you can look up the hashtags #MTPTrain, #RoadTripUSA and #DiscoverAmerica on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. You can also follow any of my social channels or keep checking the blog for updates. More stories, pictures and update to come…

Trip Courtesy: Discover America, the tourism board of the United States of America.

Trip Hashtags: #DiscoverAmerica #RoadTripUSA

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