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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Long haul flying made easy

The world’s most glittering destinations tend to be just that little bit further away. This can be a pain in terms of the amount of time you have to spend flying, but think of the end result!
Long haul flying can be made easier if you follow a little advice.


Making sure you’re well rested before you leave the house is the best way to start your travel adventure, and for this I would always stay in an airport hotel the night before departure. This cuts out the need to get up super early to get to the airport, and it means your holiday starts a night earlier, which is always a bonus. AirportHotels.com offer fantastic rates on nationwide hotels, and I recently found a real bargain for one of the Manchester Airport hotels, so certainly check this idea out.


Keeping yourself occupied will help time pass faster, so before you go, download some books, films, games, and apps, and make sure your tablet battery is seriously charged up. Remember your headphones, and you’re good to go.

Grab some snacks

Airline food on long haul flights is quite good these days, however I don’t think you can beat grabbing yourself a few of your favourite sweets and snacks in the airport and taking them with you. A few home comforts will cheer you up when you start to hit the half-way boredom wall.

Be comfortable

I always take some warm socks, a cardigan, and a neck pillow with me, because then I can make myself comfortable. I have known people also take pyjama bottoms and get changed prior to getting on the flight! If this is a little too far for you, travel in something you are comfortable sitting in for long periods of time, and in which you can move freely. I don’t like traveling in jeans for this reason, so I always stick with leggings.

Remember to freshen up

When landing is imminent, I like to freshen myself up, so I don’t feel terrible when I get off the plane. Wet wipes, hand cream, a light make up session, these are all things I do before I get off the plane, helping me feel more awake for the next part of the journey.


At some point during the flight you are going to get a little fidgety and bored, so get up and have a wander down the cabin, have a chat with your friends, change up your routine a little so you can pass your boredom phase quicker. Remain focused on what is to come when you land, and you’ll find your time on-board passes easier.

About the Author: Jenny is a travel writer from UK who has traveled all over Europe. While traveling, she loves to indulge in food and art.

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