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Kallidaikurichi Anaicut: Gorgeous picnic spot nestled in the lap of nature

Confluence of Manimuthar and Thamarabhrani rivers

This stunning location is the confluence of the Manimuthar and Thamirabharani rivers. It is the birthplace of the Kannadigan canal that irrigates Kallidaikurichi and other downstream villages all the way till Gopalasamudram. It offers beautiful views of the Western Ghats in the background and is surrounded by lotus farms, paddy fields and trees. I am talking about the Kallidaikurichi Anaicut, a gorgeous picnic spot nestled in the lap of nature.

The temple at the start of the Kannadigan canal at Kallidaikurichi Anaicut

Located between the villages of Kattumannarkoil and Vairavikulam, the Kallidaikurichi Anaicut is a manmade barrage at the confluence of the Manimuthar and the Thamirabharani rivers. It offers sluice gates at two ends. One that lets water go into the Thamirabharani river and the other that lets the water into the Kannadigan canal that flows east towards Kallidaikurichi. This Kallidaikurichi anaicut is an essential cog in irrigating this region and also acts as a basic flood control mechanism.

The start of the Kannadigan canal at Kallidaikurichi

You have to cross lines and lines of paddy fields, lotus farms and picture perfect villages to reach the Kallidaikurichi Anaicut and the place where you park your vehicles is the bridge with the sluice gates to the Kannadigan canal. And if this was gorgeous, wait till you cross the tree cover, climb down the steps to the canal level, walk over the narrow concrete ridge to reach the small Murugan temple located at the confluence of the Manimuthar and the Thamirabharani rivers. On one side of the temple is the hip deep water with sandy bottom while on the other side is the water gushing at high speed towards the Thamirabharani river. Both of them form great avenues for some serious fun in the water.

Kallidaikurichi Anaicut where Manimuthar waters join the Thamarabharani river

This location is perfect for a beautiful picnic with your family and friends. There is lush nature, year round fresh water that starts in the mountains a few kilometres upstream, a small temple, a great water based holiday destination, a serene rustic atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. I would recommend this place with many thumbs up. Only request is to carry back all your trash with you and refrain from using soap, shampoo and/or oil when you take a bath in the river as many downstream villages use this water for drinking purposes.

Murugan temple at Kallidaikurichi Anaicut

Best time to visit:

As most of the Anaicut area near the water is devoid of any tree cover, it is best to visit either during the early hours of the morning (6 AM to 10 AM) and late hours of the evening (4 PM to 7 PM). In case you are cooking a little bit away from the water, there are a few large trees that can give you enough shade.

It is best to avoid the rainy months between October and December as the water levels can increase significantly within a very short time duration.

Golden yellow paddy fields near Kallidaikurichi Anaicut

How to reach there:

If you are coming from Kallidaikurichi, head west from the Adi Varaha temple, cross the vaykaal bridge, cross Thimmarajapuram, the railway gate and a few kilometres of paddy field before you reach the Anaicut.

If you are coming from Ambasamudram, you will have to cross the concrete barrage on foot from the Thamirabharani river bank and reach the Anaicut.

If you are coming from Singampetty, Manimuthar, Keela Earmarpuram or Ambasamudram, you will have to cross the Manimuthar bridge at Vairavikulam and then head east towards the lotus farms of Vairavikulam and then reach the Anaicut.

Manimuthar river and the Western Ghats in the background

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