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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve: A Photo Story of Wild Riches

Beisa Oryx horns in perfect symmetry

Africa is the place to go for that ultimate wildlife experience. While Maasai Mara, Kruger National Park, Okavango Delta, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Etosha National Park and Serengeti National Park are considered the best safari parks in Africa, there are so many lesser known places where one can have an absolutely amazing wildlife holiday.

Samburu National Reserve, located in the northern part of Kenya is one such mesmerizing and rich wildlife zone in Eastern Africa. Not only does this place allow you to see amazing African wildlife, but it also allows you to experience one of Kenya’s colorful tribes. Usually, visitors to Kenya explore Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park and the country’s East Coast, but if you have some time on hand, head north towards Lake Turkana (near the Somalia border) and enroute visit Samburu National Reserve for a landscape full of wild riches.

From the big five to muscular antelopes and from colorful birds to dazzling primates, Samburu has it all. Here is a photo story of the wild riches of this place from my last visit there. I hope these pictures give you ideas for a surreal wildlife holiday to Kenya.

Above photo: The gorgeous Beisa Oryx, a large antelope, is big, has beautiful stripes and has eye catching horns.

Eastern Yellow Billed Hornbill

Above photo: A Eastern yellow billed hornbill sitting on a fruit tree. These birds love their fruits and are an essential cog in maintaining the health of the forests.

A muscular gerenuk feeds while standing on its hind legs

Above photo: The gerenuk, another large and muscular antelope loves to stand on its hind legs to reach the juicy shoots on small desert shrubs and trees.

Beautiful Vulturine Guineafowl flapping its wings

Above photo: The cobalt blue Vulturine guineafowl is in my opinion one of the prettiest large birds of Africa.

Elephants of Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: A small herd of African elephants in monochrome. Both the male and the female elephants have tusks unlike the Asian elephants where only the males have tusks.

D'Arnaud's Barbet shining in the afternoon sun at Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: The D’Arnaud’s barbet is a very pretty bird that can be seen in shrubs and bushes, especially close to human civilization.

Kirk's Dik Dik - a very small antelope

Above photo: The Kirk’s Dik Dik is one of the smallest antelopes of Africa.

Crested Francolin

Above photo: The beautifully patterned crested francolin on the floor of the Samburu forest.

Leopard stares on into the woods

Above photo: The spotted leopard is may be keeping an eye on its prey.

Reticulated Giraffe crosses the jeep track at Samburu National Reserve, North Kenya

Above photo: The reticulated giraffe (one of the 3 types of giraffe found in Kenya) crosses the jeep track.

Crested Bustard

Above photo: The crested bustard, a flightless bird found in drier regions of Kenya.

A large male olive baboon

Above photo: The antics of the usually rowdy and rough olive baboon.

Yellow-necked Spurfowl on top of a bush at Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: The vividly colorful yellow necked spurfowl on top of a small plant.

A mother and baby elephant at Samburu

Above photo: A female African elephant and her young one.

Superb Starling - a stunning bird common in Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: The metallic blue Superb Starling is superb indeed!

Black Faced Vervet Monkey at Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: The black faced velvet monkey chomping on some grass from the floor of the Samburu forest.

Grey Headed Kingfisher

Above photo: The grey headed kingfisher found close to the Ewaso Ngiro river inside Samburu National Reserve.

Impala - a very pretty antelope looking out for danger at Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: The pretty Impala antelope looking out for danger.

The sharp horns of Beisa Oryx

Above photo: You definitely want to stay far away from the sharp horns of the Beisa Oryx antelope.

Grant's gazelle

Above photo: The Grant’s gazelle, one of the many types of antelopes seen at Samburu National Reserve.

The Beautiful Grey-crowned Crane from the Samburu National Reserve

Above photo: The grey crowned crane, another beautiful bird found in Kenya.

Grey Headed Kingfisher and an elephant trunk in close action

Above photo: The grey headed kingfisher stays steady in spite of the elephant trunk disturbing the branches it is sitting on.

An elephant watches a safari vehicle go by

Above photo: The African elephant raises a trumpet warning call upon approach of a jeep.

A cheetah resting in the shade at Samburu

Above photo: A Cheetah lazily looks up from under a tree, where it is taking its afternoon nap.

A Samburu lioness

Above photo: A lioness resting in the shade during mid day.

Martial Eagle

Above photo:
The Martian Eagle, a beautiful raptor seen at Samburu National Reserve.

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