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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Magod Falls: A Colossal Monsoon Spectacle

Magod Falls - a top monsoon holiday destination of Karnataka

It is one of the most magnificent waterfalls of Karnataka that becomes a thundering spectacle of water tumbling down in torrents amidst pristine forests of the Western Ghats. Add to it the persistent drizzle and/or rains, consistent mist cover, fresh green vegetation and you have a dream monsoon holiday destination.

Mist covered trail at Magod Falls, Uttara Kannada, Karanataka

Somewhere between Sirsi and Yellapur and surrounded by the dense forests of the Western Ghats, the Bedti river takes 3 turns and drops close to 660 feet in 2 steps to form the mighty Magod falls. The Magod falls view point is located on the opposite hill and this allows you to see the entire spectacle from different view points across different elevations. The walk between these various view points is an experience in itself as during the rains this entire trail is covered in mist and one must patiently wait for the mist to clear so that they can see the waterfall view that they could hear all along.

Each view point (there are 4 or 5 in total) allows you to enjoy the Magod waterfall from different vantage points. The walk between the view points is short, but steep and hence each view point allows you to catch your breath while you soak in the lush views. In between these view points on the opposite side of hill are some other tiny waterfalls that come alive during the monsoons and make for an interesting view too.

If you don’t mind the rains, this terrain allows you the best experience of the forests, mist, clouds, waterfalls and a monsoon walk. It is also a perfect place for a monsoon lunch, but do keep an eye out for the rowdy monkeys here. If you love monsoon holidays, this colossal monsoon spectacle should certainly feature high on your monsoon travel bucket-list in Karnataka. One of the top gems of Uttara Kannada and one of my favorite waterfalls of Karnataka.

The lush green environment near Magod Falls, Karnataka

Best season to visit:

The monsoons are the best time to see the waterfall in full flow. This is also the time when the surrounding vegetation is lush and the waterfall carries heavy volumes of water. At times, mist can cover the waterfall view during the monsoons. It is best to wait for a few minutes to allow the mist to clear.

The post monsoon season is also a great time to see the waterfall. Views are much clearer during this time and there is no threat of rain or leeches.

Magod Falls - one of the many magnificent waterfalls in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka

How to reach there:

Magod Falls lies right in between Sirsi and Yellapur.

There are two routes to reach to this waterfall:

Route 1: This is the main route with larger roads. You reach Yellapur and from Yellapur take the main road towards Kavadikere and Magod Falls.

Route 2: This is a tougher, but prettier route. It takes you through dense forests and the roads are much smaller here. At places, there might nothing more than a mud track here. When coming from Sirsi and once you cross the Bedti river bridge, you keep a look out for a left turn near Upaleshwara. This left turn will take you to Ghante Ganapati temple and from there to Chandaguli village and then onto Magod Falls.

Enjoying the lush green waterfall view near Magod Falls, Karnataka

Where to stay:

If budget accommodation is on your mind, you can try the budget hotels in either Sirsi or at Yellapur.

If you prefer a traditional experience, I would recommend staying at homestays in this region. My favorite homestay in this region is Tavarumane homestay, a simple place near Jajjigudde village that is surrounded by nature and that comes with unbelievably delicious food.

If beach resorts are on your mind, try the ones in and around Kumta, Gokarna or Karwar.

Magod Falls - one of the tallest waterfalls of India

Where to eat:

The nearest place to eat would be Yellapur.

Shanbag hotel is a famous hotel for vegetarians. They also specialize in ayurvedic products of the land.

Indraprastha restaurant is also a great place to eat good food.

There are other restaurants on the main road to cater to the diverse dietary needs of the people.

Magod Falls in the monsoon season, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

Other nearby tourist attractions:

1) Sathodi Falls: Karnataka’s prettiest jungle waterfall

2) Shivapura hanging bridge: A motorcyclist’s delight on the Kodisalli reservoir

3) Yana rocks and caves: Magical place in the forests of Karnataka

4) Kavadikere: Lake temple dedicated to goddess Durga between Magod falls and Yellapur

5) Shirley Falls: A pristine forest waterfall near Yellapur

6) Vibhooti Falls: Karnataka’s jungle waterfall with a swimming pool

7) Unchalli Falls: Stunning monsoon holiday destination of Karnataka

8) Devimane Ghat: Monsoon beauty home to medicinal plants and herbs

9) Jog Falls: One of the highest waterfalls of India and an iconic landmark of Karnataka

10) Mirjan Fort: A 16th century fort located between Kumta and Gokarna

11) Dandeli: A pretty little village known for its diverse tribes, hornbills, wildlife and adventure sports

12) Gokarna: A coastal town known for its temples and gorgeous beaches

13) Karwar: Quiet little fishing town on the Karnataka-Goa border known for its black sandy beaches, Kali river estuary and offshore islands

14) Bilihole Falls: A hidden waterfall located amidst the untouched forests of Western Ghats in Karnataka

15) Sirsi Marikamba temple: A 17th century temple dedicated to goddess Durga and an iconic landmark in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka

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