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Friday, October 23, 2020

Devimane Ghat: Monsoon Beauty home to Medicinal Plants and Herbs

The panoramic green view of Devimane Ghat during the monsoons

It gets close to 6000 mm of rain every year. It is home to a pristine ecosystem consisting of tropical rainforests, tropical evergreen forests, medicinal plants, medicinal herbs, reptiles, mammals, birds of paradise and many waterfalls, streams and rivers. It is a hill station and a lesser known monsoon giant. I am talking about the Devimane Ghat in Uttara Kannada that falls on the Sirsi-Kumta highway of Karnataka.

The lush Devimane Ghat in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India

A elephant hundi with an upswept trunk (donation box) catches your attention along with miles and miles of lush green and rows of mountain ranges. This is the location of the Durga Devi temple and the Devimane ghat view point. From here, the road dips and curves towards Kumta and the rest of the Karavali coast. Hence, people stop here, seek the blessings of the goddess, offer their donations to the elephant, enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the lovely view and continue their way down the ghats towards Kumta or up towards Sirsi. But, there is so much more to Devimane that people miss out on.

In between these 15 hairpin curves of the Devimane Ghat lies the Devimane village, a yawning little town that connecting to a elephant corridor, a wildlife sanctuary and lush forest area where many naturally growing medicinal herbs and plants are found. And if you go further into the forest, you come to the Benne hole waterfalls, a milky white cascade in the middle of pristine nature. This belt is perfect trekking terrain, especially for nature lovers. Lion tailed macaques, langurs, gaurs, elephants, birds of paradise, butterflies, king cobras and many other exotic wild species have been spotted here.

During the monsoons, Devimane receives copious rainfall and is more or less covered in mist throughout. During the summer months, owing to its proximity to the coast and high humidity, it happens to be one of the coolest places in the state of Karnataka.

Devimane Ghat Pit Stop - the temple, the motorcycle and the view

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student of botany, a nature lover, a trekker, a wildlife enthusiast or a student of Ayurveda, you are bound to fall in love with the charms of Devimane. It’s lush jungles, the mighty Sahyadris and the rich bio-diversity of the Western Ghats are a treat to the senses and need to preserved by us for many generations to come. They are the lifeline of the Southern peninsula. A highly recommended place for the experience, but do remember to leave the place exactly as you find it.

A Pit Stop at Devimane Ghat, Karnataka

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