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Friday, June 09, 2023

Sivasailam: One of the Wettest Places during the North East Monsoon in India

Sivasailam - one of the wettest places in India during the North East monsoon

Sivasailam is famous for its 500 plus year old Sivasailanathar Paramakalyani temple built by the Pandyas. While this temple is absolutely gorgeous and deserves a separate article in itself, this article is dedicated to this green village that is nestled in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu.

Surrounded by Velli malai, Mulli malai and podhigai malai, Sivasailam is a lush green village that is located on the bank of river Gadananathi in the Tenkasi district of India. Like my ancestral village of Kallidaikurichi, Sivasailam also enjoys the Saaral season from the months of Chithirai (mid April) to Puratasi (mid October). During this season, there is a mountain breeze coupled with rain sprinkles that is omnipresent and this makes this village very pleasant and cool.

But, the main claim to fame for Sivasailam is during the North East monsoon (October to December) when it turns into one of the wettest places in India. Along with Manjolai, Oothu and Kudraivetti, Sivasailam receives the heaviest rainfall during the North East monsoon. This copious rainfall fills the Gadananathi dam to the brim and swells the Gadananathi river before it dumps all the water into the Thamarabharani river further downstream.

People enjoying a dip at Gadananathi River, Sivasailam, Tenkasi district, Tamil Nadu
If rural getaways in the Western Ghats are your thing, then I would definitely recommend that you visit Sivasailam in India’s deep south. Sivasailam offers a perfect mix of pristine nature, an offbeat rural getaway and a gorgeous Shiva temple. It is pleasant during the summers and during the South West monsoon and is absolutely lush and wet during the north east monsoon. Each season allows you to experience a different side of Sivasailam.

Gadananathi River at Sivasailam, Tamil Nadu
Nearest bus station: Alwarkurichi, about 7 kms away

Nearest railway station: Alwarkurichi, about 7 kms away

Nearest airport: Tuticorin airport, about 85 kms away

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