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Sunday, July 28, 2013

25 Random things about Singapore

During this Asia backpacking trip of mine, I ended up spending 10 days in Singapore. While I was ill for the first couple of these 10 days, I got to explore, see a lot of places and meet a lot of my friends during the next 8 days. During this brief stint of 10 days, I noticed many interesting things about Singapore, which I have noted below for your reading.

1) Singapore has so many rules and fines for not following them that it is popularly referred to as the ‘fine city’ or ‘city of fines’.

2) Most of Singapore is sparkling clean, but when you go to Little India, you find it dirty. May be, the Indian effect cannot be rubbed off even in Singapore.

3) Singapore feels like a city in Tamil Nadu, South India with so many Indian people and especially Tamils.

4) Singapore does not have its own culture. It is just a mish-mash of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Filipino and Arab cultures.

5) People of all religions are allowed to enter a Hindu temple in Singapore.

6) Smoking and drinking is a very expensive affair in Singapore.

7) Contrary to beliefs, purchasing electronic goods is not cheaper in Singapore. Hong Kong would be a better bet in Asia.

8) The MRT rail system in Singapore closes before midnight. For a city that is supposed to be global, I think they should let the public transport system run for a couple of hours more.

9) Little India feels like one of the areas in Mylapore, Chennai without the noise levels and excessive traffic.

10) Accommodation (for a local) in Singapore is very expensive.

11) Every male Singapore citizen has to compulsorily serve time in the Singapore army.

12) There is never a paucity of places to eat in Singapore. It is one of the few things that this city is passionate about and is a great place for the true foodie.

13) Singapore’s Changi airport feels like an extension of the Orchard road shopping experience.

14) Tap water is safe to drink in Singapore.

15) Singapore follows the British style of driving and drives on the left side of the road.

16) A lot of Thai and Indonesian tourists like to visit Singapore over the weekends.

17) The hospitals of Singapore are very particular about cleanliness and germ control and set very high standards.

18) Cost of living in Singapore is slightly on the higher side in South East Asia.

19) Singapore is looking to increase its population multi fold, especially with the influx of low skilled workers.

20) From a traffic perspective, Singapore does not feel like an Asian city, but an American city with vast open spaces and minimal traffic.

21) Pedestrians get right of way in Singapore.

22) State Bank of India has a huge office in Singapore.

23) Singapore is a great place for artists to show their skills and talents and the city allows them to harness their skills.

24) Singapore is a very small city and most of its areas can be easily walked. The only issue is the humid weather.

25) The fashion sense of Singapore as an overall city lacks in terms of other large Asian cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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